Refurbish Old Armchairs with High-quality Handmade Cushions


Handmade cushions are the best cost-effective choice for your furniture like your sofas and chairs. By doing so, the space can be easily updated according to seasonal trends. It is no exaggeration to say that the interior is perfect when you match your furniture with decorative handmade cushions.

In addition, since the chairs in our house are the easiest furnishings in our living room, so we will need the help of some cushions to give more look to our space. Cushions are materials designed to be used as bedside or chair decoration. They go in variety of shapes, colors and styles to suit your living room decoration.

Today, I will give some tips on how to give a new look to your armchair with high-quality cushions.

Choose the right color

Handmade cushions help make the interior look organized and create a creative and decorative appearance. This is also a way to add color and style to the space especially when it comes to large pieces of furniture.

In putting handmade cushions in your armchair, you can decide the color based on the shape you want to create and other items in the room. To decorate a formal space, it is best to choose matching colors or more calm colors. You can make the palette more enjoyable in your casual and comfortable home. In any case, choose colors based on your armchair’s design and overall appearance.


Play with shapes

Squares are overly used and circles make up most traditional cushions. It is usually not big, but its size is easy to see in the design pattern. Similarly, do not use mirror-shapes cushions with each other, meaning try to mix and match the shapes of your handmade cushions. You can look symmetrical without creating precise symmetry. The idea is not to be completely balances, but to create the illusion of balance. Even if the unique shapes of handmade cushions to your armchair, there is no problem at all.

If you can find rectangular cushions, they work well in modern designs of armchairs. Different shapes such as triangle, hearts and other geometric patterns can also work.


  1. Mix prints and patterns

With the modern style on trend today, it allows you to mix patterns and prints to add personality to the space, but be careful because they may be seen as overly made. Choose patterns that will not contradict to the style and design of your armchair. In other words, the prints and patterns of your handmade cushions should complement the overall appearance of your armchair. In order to keep the style of the handmade cushions and to keep you away from headaches, some common solid color cushions can be mixed to provide a sense of stability.


  1. Where to place handmade cushions?

There were many rules regarding the placement of handmade cushions to your chairs. But those days have passed; we need to use our creativity in deciding the perfect placement and spot of a handmade cushion.

Instead of following guidelines of putting handmade cushion at the center, take a comfortable approach instead and design the cushions in a way that felt appropriate and unique. You can put it in the corner or you can put two overlaying handmade cushions on your right or left side. If your armchair is wide enough, you can try to move the smaller cushions, and then start with the larger handmade cushion at the back.

Perfect fabric

The traditional style of handmade cushion decoration requires the use of soft fabric cushions. These include velvet, suede and silk. They are more expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment in the look and style of your armchair. Have different types of cushions and have. On the other hand, cushion fabrics with modern decorative themes should use materials such as cotton or linen. These are cheap to average cushion fabrics.

Whatever style you may want to pull off for your handmade cushion for your armchair, you can find great choices when you browse on Yorkshire Fabric Shop website. They have great deals when it comes to handmade cushions and for sure, it will suit and complement your refurbished armchair. You can buy handmade cushions here!

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