Facts to Learn about International Patient Services


If you a non-Indian citizen looking for medical treatments in Indian then there are few facts that are essential to know about first. India being a democratic country has a lot of scopes and offers for international medical tourists.

Also, the medical system and the treatments provided here are excellent and a lot cheaper in cost. If you are an international patient then here is a peek at the international patient services provided by the Indian government and how you can avail those services to benefit you in the maximum.

Important Facts about Patient Services

India is a country with rules and regulations that are quite strict as well as friendly. If you are going to apply for a Medical Visa in India then here is a small look at the facts that will help you to get the required Visa in almost no time.

  • The Indian government has opened a lot of easy to access visa options for foreign nationals who are seeking medical treatment in India. Along with the patient, the government also allows two relatives of the patients who are related by blood to stay for the duration of the medical treatment.
  • The visa for both the patient and the medical attendant can be applied for at the same time. The visa is valid for a year. After the validity of the visa is over, you can apply for an extension if you need one.
  • You can also go back and forth for your treatments in a year on the same visa for a maximum of 3 times.
  • There is also an option for visa-on-arrival but this option is only valid for a few selected countries and for only 60 days. So ensure you check out the list of the countries that are selected for this visa system if you want to apply for a visa-on-arrival.

Documents Required

The important documents that will help you to get a medical visa here are as follows.

  • To apply for a visa you must have an Oral Polio Vaccination Certificate and a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. This requirement is only asked of from few countries so you can check out the list and see if you need to provide the certificate.
  • Citizens of Kenya, Israel, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Somalia need to present a record of all vaccinations.
  • You can mail all your details to the Indian Missions and Posts where the documents will be verified.

Steps to Get Indian Medical Visa

Once you submit the above documents and these documents are verified then you can register for your Visa. You can register for the visa on the FRROs/ FROs but ensure that you do it within 14 days of your arrival in India.

You also need to have a certificate stating you need specialist medical treatment. If you have applied for the Visa under the category “M” then you can expect to get your visa on a priority basis. There are separate formalities for Bangladeshi and Pakistani citizens.

You can now obtain your visa easily and check out all the details at the VFS official website and contact Elawoman.com for more assistance. Elawoman.com is well-known for international patient services and medical assistance it has provided.

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