Enjoy Rafting Near Jim Corbett National Park this holiday season


Are you an adventure junkie and loves to get engaged in recreational outdoor activities that give you adrenaline rush? Experience the best ever rafting in Jim Corbett this holiday season. Rafting is definitely seems to be super exhilarating, isn’t so? A rafter enjoys fullest while weaving path through the river waves and all the unpredictability of white water.

Just imagine if you could be that person in the raft along with your office colleagues or college friends and have the most enjoyable moment by being so much closer to the water while on a raft. Before you decide to go ahead planning your adventurous trip make sure you book your cottages in the resorts near Jim Corbett. It would be quite easier for you to explore other areas as well apart from having river rafting fun-filled day.

Best places for river rafting:
Many people don’t know how to swim and avoid going for rafting. However, that’s not the case you can even jump off from the raft in river Ganga and enjoy floating because you will be given life jackets. It is usually known as body surfing. If rafting is something in your mind, and now you want to learn how to negotiate fast-moving water and how to surf smoothly through waves and holes, Rishikesh should be your first choice.

From Bramhapuri to Rishikesh, this rafting area is usually meant for novices because grad 2 fast-moving water is here. After this, second option for rafting is from Marine drive to Shivpuri which is near about a 11 km rafting area grade 3 and grade 3+ fast-moving water are here. Now comes the third and the most popular rafting region is Shivpuri to Rishikesh rafting stretch which has got grade 4 fast-moving water wherein you can enjoy roller coaster, golf course, and cliff jumping. In the cliff jumping, you can jump from the top of the cliff while wearing a safety jacket. It is definitely something that will be more enjoyed people with brave heart. Fourth and the last rafting stretch is from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh which is considered to be the grade 4+ fast moving water area. This one is not suggested for beginners and people who have already done rafting more than 3-4 times are the right fit for this one.

There are a lot of options for rafting at Rishikesh such as Bramhapuri, Shivpuri, Byasi, Kaudiyala etc. You can easily find out numerous deals for rafting online. Apart from this, there many travelling agents that offers superb packages for such fun-filled recreational activities. Else you can even request the manager of the luxurious resorts near Jim Corbett to help you in getting best options. You need to worry at all about the safety as the rafting instructor will always will be there to guide you and take care of safety related things.

If you really wanna let your hair down and enjoy utmost with your friends, then you should try to visit Jim Corbett for river rafting fun.

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