Prerequisites for Success in Life


Whatever your ultimate dream, it can cause frustration when you have been overlooked by someone and have not been given a chance to make it come true. This is a challenge for people believing in luck and depending on it to bestow an opportunity on them. They look for a supporter, a guide, or a investor – to provide assistance to them in the achievement of their dreams. Never should you think like that. It is the human being who creates his own luck. You should not wait for people to give you a chance, but should grab an opportunity as it comes.

When One Opportunity Passes, Another Opens Up, So Don’t Give Up

This may be oft repeated, but is true nevertheless. Nothing happens without any reason. Even if you do not believe this whilst in the thick of the storm, in hindsight, you will realize that it was for the betterment that a particular event or decision occurred. There are so many opportunities around you. Just due to the fact that you weren’t able to take one to fruition, you must not be disheartened from pursuing another. So you must abstain from self-pity and explore the next opportunity to benefit from. Always bear in mind: failure just constitutes a part of the journey as long as you don’t make it your fate or destiny.

The Final Revenge – Success

Upon rejection, you may begin to feel vulnerable. But you don’t need to prove anything to anyone in this world. Beauty lies in everything that you are striving for. Those who do not believe in you, are not worthy of your time, so let them be. You know you are striving towards achieving happiness for yourself. That will happen when you reach your goals and achieve that final prize, of seeing your dream come true. Go all-out for prosperity and happiness, and when you are prosperous and contented, you will figure out the purpose of your life.

Never Should You Mock Someone

There were people who had made their mark on this globe, and their positions have already been taken over now. Every human being is unique and has an identity of his own. There is bliss in uniqueness. All people were not made to be the same and your strength lies in your diversity. It is ok to stand alone, if you have conviction of purpose. Always keep your cool and continue, even if you are a non-conformist. Do not be ashamed of being who you are, even if you are different.

Every Story is Different

Do not take everybody at face value. There may be more to it than meets the eye, in many cases. Many times, people may deny a chance to you, due to a defense mechanism, which helps conceal their insecurities. Never get bogged down by the number of times people have rejected you, especially those who have accomplished far less.

Author- Gurbaksh Singh Chahal

Founder, Chairman & CEO, G4 Holdings Worldwide, Gravity4

Founder, Chahal Foundation, BlueLithium, ClickAgents

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