Drugs Addiction Treatment and Fundamentals of Social Rehabilitation


After removing all symptoms, a drug addict’s next move is generally to control the volunteer’s mind into leading a bright and cheerful life.

An important method that continuous therapy is drug addiction rehabilitation for addicted volunteers. According to statistics, many people return to their regular lives after overcoming the pain and other indications and symptoms of drug addiction. Modern drug addict recovery procedures allow for the development of a healthy motivation for “passion for life” and the formation of a new machine of values.

Drug abusers can receive treatment outside of a hospital setting

When the inpatient therapy for drug users comes to an end, the next step begins, which takes place outside the centre’s walls. Outpatient drug addiction therapy entails twice-weekly meetings with a psychologist, medical consultations, and the administration of critical pharmacological medications.

We are Byculla first inpatient drug rehabilitation centre that focuses completely on clinical procedures. At the best Rehabilitation Centre in Byculla, drug users are rehabilitated using a person-centered drug addiction treatment by specialist doctors and psychologists with advanced scientific expertise.

The fundamentals of social rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation is centered on luring a dependant to employment, providing psychological support, imparting moral ideals, and spiritual rebirth. Employees and volunteers at the rehabilitation centre assist each client on an individual basis, taking into account their history, character, social standing, level of awareness of their condition, and other factors. We assist a drug addict in comprehending the problem, identifying its sources, resolving them, and adapting to the social context. At first, emotional and intellectual interaction is made between the Centre’s personnel and the drug addict who has arrived. The issue situation is then assessed, and the aims and objectives of collaborative effort are established. The next step is to alter a person’s connection with his or her social surroundings and/or with himself.

The progress and outcomes of cooperative effort are evaluated on a regular basis. Occupational therapy is a crucial component of any rehabilitation plan. A person progressively enters the picture of a healthy person thanks to her. The Centre’s management developed several sorts of labor that taught persons with drug addiction self-discipline, focus, the capacity to notice details, and the need to be needed by others.

The struggle for the character of the person being saved is another word for drug addiction treatment, and the Rehabilitation Centre Versova is ready to assist you in this tough subject!

Health-related advantages

It’s also good for your physical health to stop drinking. Without alcohol, you will sleep much better; not only will you fall asleep faster, but the quality of your sleep will increase as well. Your immune system is considerably weakened twenty minutes after consuming alcohol, making you more susceptible to catching a cold or other illness.

Your immune system strengthens when you stop drinking. Furthermore, alcohol destroys the cells in your stomach and intestines that guarantee that healthy nutrients are taken by your body, resulting in your body absorbing more vitamins and minerals. Alcohol increases circulation, which causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in blemishes on the skin. Finally, abstaining from alcohol helps you keep hydrated.

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