Do not underestimate the first signs of impotence.


Impotence has long bothered only older men. About a third of men start complaining of erection problems shortly after their thirties. How do you know that you have an onset of impotence, and what can be done about it if you catch it at an early stage?

What is impotence?

Impotence is defined as the persistent problem of achieving and maintaining an erection to complete physical intercourse. This is not an occasional erection problem that every man can experience from time to time – for example, when he is very sleepless or has exaggerated it with alcohol. Impotence is a delicate, long-term problem that adversely affects the quality of life of partners.

What are the symptoms of impotence?

One of the first warning signs may be a loss of interest in love. The excitement does not come or is very weak. If a man still manages to get an erection, he is often too weak to successfully have physical intercourse. In this case, the man is not able to reach orgasm. Symptoms of incipient impotence include fewer spontaneous nocturnal erections during sleep. At first, these symptoms occur only sporadically. However, if you experience them more and more often, it is high time to think about the causes of your problems.

What are the causes of impotence?

Is the body failing, or is the psyche to blame? Both can be to blame. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by urological, genital, neurological, or cardiovascular diseases. “Chemistry” also plays a role here – if you take medication regularly, ask your doctor if they can cause erection problems. Diuretics, synthetic hormones, beta-blockers, or drugs that suppress the central nervous system can have such an effect.

More often, the cause of impotence, however, are psychological factors – stress, fatigue, overwork, anxiety, depression, relationship problems … If you feel that load at work or disagreement with a partner have a detrimental effect on your erection, we suggest you visit the clinic sexologist and psychotherapist and advice about a suitable solution.

“Erection straightener” from nature

Once you know the impotence symptoms, you can deal with it as soon as you notice them. We recommend that you reach for natural-based products that do not irritate digestion. Fildena Super Active potency tablets are suitable for long-term use and maintenance of sexual conditions, regardless of age. They contain a carefully selected combination of minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts, which naturally support the production of male hormone in a man’s body as well as his overall vitality and performance. Fildena 150 tablets are freely available online.

Erectile dysfunction. What species do we know?

Few men can say with a clear conscience that they have never had erectile dysfunction. Why is it important not to take erection problems lightly? What can you do so that you never have to complain of erectile dysfunction again?

Weak erection

Erectile dysfunction can indicate several problems – mostly of a mental nature. Poor erections can be caused by a decrease in the male hormone, which is caused, for example, by increased stress or chronic fatigue. Stress raises the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood. It then blocks the male hormone’s action and reduces libido, which can literally prevent your erection. Insufficient erection is far from the problem of people in their forties. Due to the heavy workload at school and work, it is lurking for younger and younger grades – people in their twenties have complained about it.

Short erection

Ejaculation within 1-2 minutes of the onset of physical intercourse is generally considered a premature peak. However, each couple perceives “prematurity” subjectively. Although this problem mainly affects younger, less experienced men, it also occurs in earlier births, especially for men who are very focused on doing their best in bed.

However, this effort is treacherous – it causes psychological pressure and stress, which accelerates breathing and ejaculation. Many men try various tricks to prolong an erection. Some try to think of something unpleasant or dull while making love. However, this is not an ideal solution, as they lose the joy of love. Excessive physical abstinence is also a cause of premature ejaculation.

Absence of erection

If an erection does not occur at all, the best solution is to visit your doctor and look for the causes – erectile dysfunction can also be an indicator of a severe illness. These are mainly cardiovascular, neurological, and urological disorders. Failure to get an erection can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases and mental illness or as a result of the use of certain groups of drugs.

In this case, the doctor is the best advisor. If your doctor does not find a physical cause for the problem, at least visit an online sexologist or psychologist’s office and look for the causes. Tip: To prevent erectile dysfunction in the future, we recommend that you adjust your lifestyle in the first place – indulge in plenty of exercise in the fresh air, a varied diet, and say goodbye to ailments such as smoking or alcohol abuse. Vigora 100 tablets are an excellent to improve erection and potency, which you can take for a long time, regardless of age. this tablets are freely available online. They will help you and your partner avoid the frustration of erectile dysfunction.

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