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Hair loss is a major cause of concern for many men and women all over the world. If you’ve been looking for a way to stop your hair from receding or going bald completely, have you checked the ingredients in your shampoo? Did you know most shampoos have harsh chemicals that damage your hair? In this article, you will learn about the role of DHT blocking shampoo, as well as the ingredients that make the shampoo effective.

How Does DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) Inhibit Hair Growth?

Your hair may not be growing at the pace you want it to, especially if you have higher levels of DHT. The role of DHT cannot be undermined considering that testosterone is turned into DHT by enzymes. The presence of DHT can cause your hair to miniaturize while setting up the stage for male pattern baldness, DHT is five times more potent than testosterone is. The predominance of the male sex hormone, testosterone is one of the major factors for male pattern baldness. New research is proving that DHT may cause more baldness than testosterone.

How to Stop DHT

Switching to a DHT blocking shampoo is one of the easier solutions. Ingredients play a vital role in the selection of DHT blocking shampoos. Of course, not all of the ingredients you see written on the label of the shampoo are active. That said, here are some of the active ingredients you should look for in a DHT blocking shampoo:

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a naturally occurring ingredient that has been proven by studies to reduce DHT levels by 32%. We must also mention that although the percentage reduction is low, it doesn’t change the fact that the ingredient is powerful.


Ketoconazole is another powerful ingredient in a DHT blocking shampoo. Because of the efficacy of this ingredient, some DHT blocking shampoos may not always have it. However, the effectiveness of Ketoconazole is evident in the disruption of the DHT pathway in the scalp. That way, the reduced levels of male baldness will be higher.

Rosemary Oil

This is perhaps one of the less active ingredients that make up the formula for DHT blocking shampoos. From the findings of some studies made in that regard, it is obvious that rosemary oil may not conveniently prevent balding or block DHT entirely in the scalp, but may be a good contributor. One of the most important roles of rosemary oil in DHT blocking shampoos, is that it increases hair growth over time. It is often related to hair growth attributed to minoxidil.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

It is recommended to buy a DHT blocking shampoo that has pumpkin seed oil. From the findings of several research, pumpkin seed oil can increase hair growth by 40%. It’s possible to notice results from this oil anywhere from 24 weeks to 6 months.

Vitamins Can Suffice

Vitamins A, D, C and B12 are some of the vitamins that are present in DHT blocking shampoos to create an environment for hair growth. Contrary to popular opinion, vitamins do not block DHT. Instead, they are more effective in the promotion of hair growth. As such, when buying DHT blocking shampoos that contain vitamins, your confidence should be that the presence of the vitamins can only prevent hair loss caused by lack of nutrition.

If you’re considering buying a DHT blocking shampoo, here are some factors you may want to consider.

1-Buy a DHT Blocking Shampoo that has other DHT Blockers

As mentioned, earlier, some DHT blocking shampoos do not have all the ingredients that can block DHT. That is why you want to buy a shampoo that packs different DHT blockers to increase your chances of stopping hair loss. Some of the additional DHT blockers you should look for in the DHT blocking shampoo include Minoxidil, Biotin, and Finasteride


As much as costs play a vital role in the selection of products, that shouldn’t always occupy your mind when buying DHT blocking shampoo. Higher costs don’t always equate to efficiency, because some DHT blocking shampoos may cost an arm and a leg, but they won’t work as expected. We suggest buying Kiierr’s DHT blocking shampoo. It is cost effective and has been known to have all of the healthy and needed ingredients. Kiierr’s DHT blocking shampoo uses Kapilarine to maintain the strength of the hair, and to stimulate hair regrowth. It also blocks DHT via ZINC PCA and Green Tea and is a healthy hair product.


When you dedicate some time to research some of the claims by the manufacturers, you will be in a better position to evaluate the true position of things. Look up reviews online and know what you’re looking for.


You now understand the roles played by DHT blocking shampoo, and why it is important for you to buy only the best. Say goodbye to stunted hair growth today and start using a DHT blocking shampoo. You can thank me later!

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