Choose the Best Mask to Win this Battle Against Coronavirus


The pandemic has turned horrendous, and precautions make sense at this time tested hours. Masks end up as an efficient option to trust for protection and care against community transmission. With lots of life already lost because of the Novel Corona Virus and plenty bearing the brunt of home quarantine and ravaging hospital bills, it is best to pick the N95 masks to protect your near and dear ones from the COVID 19  infection.  Consider yourself lucky if you are still far from the life-threatening harmful effect of Novel Coronavirus, but without proper protection, anyone can contract this disease. Hence,  the phrase “precaution is better than cure.” must make sense to many at this hour.

Currently, if you want to shield yourself and your family from Novel Corona Virus, then don’t delay any further and start preparing yourself for early-stage precautions. You may think, what’s the way out? Don’t worry about the absence of a vaccine to protect you from the Novel Corona Virus; you can use precautions via “Social distancing and face-covering with masks” and using hand sanitizers/ hand washes which will make  COVID-19 ineffective.  Reports suggest that masks can prevent 65% of community transmission, what are the best masks you must choose? We’ll discuss this below.

3M Folded Dust/Mist Respirator mask

You can choose this 3M Folded Dust/Mist Respirator 9004IN Mask that always keeps you safe from harmful Coronavirus. The three-layer protection of this mask shields you from toxic viruses and dust. However, the inner layer preserves the respiratory shape, and you don’t feel suffocated while wearing this mask. The metal strip on the nose covers your entire mouth.

3 Ply Disposable Mask ( A surgical mask )

The best thing about one of the best masks is that it comes at a low price. You don’t need to keep this mask always with you. Once you have used it, you can throw it into the trash. It has a disposable feature that ensures zero hassles and 100% hygiene and protection. The nose pin adds special protection in the mask. No wonder, it’s a budget-friendly mask that you can choose as a protection gear against Coronavirus.

KN95 Face Mask

N95 Masks are one of the best masks that stand exceptionally well on NIOSH (National Institution for Occupational Safety and Health) standards. The mask filters 95% of toxins that highlight its extraordinary efficiency in protecting you from viruses. Thanks to its multi-layer protection, that renders it suitable to enter the league of most beneficial face masks. It’s comfortable to wear and also reusable.

3 Layer Women Anti-Microbial Mesh Mask

It’s one of the best options for women who find masks a style-spoiler. It can help you stay in style yet protect you from community transmission. The  3 Layer Women Anti-Microbial Mesh Mask, comes with smart features that fabricate your look and protect you from the infection.

2-Layer Everyday Protective Mask (Black)

If wearing that mask appears annoying to you,  try intense colorful masks that are available in all-time favorite black with dominant patterns and graphics. The designs are captivating enough to encourage you to wear this mask throughout the day. However, it’s also comfortable and easy to carry in pockets.

Anti Pollution and Anti Dust Mask

As compared to others,  it has five layers for protections, and like N95 Masks, it also has 95% toxins filtration efficiency. Even if you live in a highly polluted environment, this mask will always work out exceptionally well. The design is also quite cool so that you can pair it up brilliantly with your apparels

Three-layers Premium Life Mask

Do you want to bury Coronavirus’s fear by diverting your focus from annoying masks to some fashionable pieces? Go with three-layer Premium Life Masks that you’ll love to wear not just as gear for protection against COVID-19 but also as a trendsetter in mask fashion. The untouched design and filter technology encourage youngsters to try it out with their outfits.

All these masks are available at If you don’t want to fall sick and cause problems for your near and dear ones, make sure that in your next outside rendezvous, you have activated your protection mode.

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