Check Out These Important Wresting Techniques If You Are A Beginner


How to make an entry appropriately

Whenever you are entering in a wrestling competition, walk confidently. This is the first impression and your confident can let you win half of the game. Always wear good quality wrestling gear so that you can feel comfortable. You can wear singlets or rash guard depending on your choice. Once you enter confidently, now it’s a time to stand appropriately. Basically, there are two positions to stand i.e. Square stance and staggered stance. In square stance, the wrestler has to stand in a way that he can balance on his both feet while keeping both feet parallel. Staggered stance allows a wrestler to bring one foot forward and put more weight on that foot. In both ways, the wrestler should be keeping his balance well.

The basic shoot

A wrestler cannot get succeed unless he learns to shoot decently. Once you learn how to make an appropriate shoot, you can attack him while managing his defense. There is no any hard rule to learn this technique. All you have to do is to step forward, drop down your body level and then wait for the right time to place knee between the legs of your opponent and touch it to the ground. Make sure you do it very quickly so that your opponent is unable to get you

Breathe properly

Before making an attack, always take a deep breath so that you can restore your energy and can attack with full force. Each wrestling technique involves correct breathing right before you make it. It is due to the fact that a wrestler does not loose oxygen all at once while making a certain movement during an attack. The best way to keep your energy level high during the game is to keep breathing slowly while exhaling it as quickly as possible. This is referred to as explosive breathing that helps to boost your body energy level. 

Lifting your opponent

Lifting is one of the most convenient ways to take down your opponent. This is also not a tough technique. You have to stand close to your opponent, bend a little, and grab him from his waist by wrapping your hands around his waist. Now pull him from the ground, take a deep breath, and then safely place him on the ground. Remember, if you push him hard or throw him on the ground, it will become an illegal move and as a penalty you can be disqualified from the game. 

How to defend

Once you are in a situation where your opponent tries to lift you, all you have to do is to drop your hips and move the legs. Here you can then use your hands to push the opponent and try hard not to let him finish his takedown. If you are successful in defending yourself, you opponent will be in trouble. Be cautious, as he will come up with the same technique again so always be prepared. 

How to escape

Being a beginner, it is very important to quickly learn how to escape if you come in a bottom position. You have to try moving your foot away from your opponent. If the opponent is holding your one foot, try to move your other foot away. Once you take a step towards the other side, keep doing the same with great force unless you finally get your foot free from the opponent. As soon as you get your foot free from the opponent, immediately get up from the mat and move to the other side of the mat.

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