Create Your Canada Online Account for a Working Holiday Visa


Many people from all over the world, want to travel in Canada and work there. The first thing you need to do if you want to migrate to Canada is to get your application ready. You can travel, work, study, or immigrate to Canada, or apply for citizenship. You can also find a form, check what the status of your application form is, and apply for refugee protection. People who want their permanent resident card should check here first.

Apply directly without any agents

Go to the Government of Canada website and apply directly. This is the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offices that one may access online. First you must create an account online. For this, use your online banking login that is the Sign-In Partner. Or, you may use a Government of Canada login known as the GCKey.

You get a visa Canada working holiday option if you qualify. You can go to your account and check the status of your application. Click “Check Status and Messages”. This will be under the tab, “View my submitted applications or profiles”. Those who submitted their application on paper need to link the account to their online account.

Work without visa

Certain work does not need a visa. For instance, say that you are a foreign athlete. You do not need a work permit. Same goes if you are the member of a foreign team or its coach and taking part in a competition in Canada. However, if you work for the foreign team, you will need a work permit. To get the work permit, you must be eligible for it first.

You will not require a work permit if you are business visitor. This means that you will not take part in the Canada labour market. Or, you are an ordained priest, lay person or member of a religious order and your duties include leading worship, giving spiritual counselling, or preaching doctrine then you do not require a work permit.

Time and fees approximately

For studying or visiting Canada or for working temporarily, the work permit will take 5 weeks if you apply from Australia. If you are from United Arab Emirates, the time needed will be 11 weeks. You have different options for paying the fees from different countries. Say you are from Fiji and you are applying for temporary residence work permit the fees for a single person will be CAN$155. At this time, in most cases, you will have to pay the Open Work Permit fees which is CAN$100. Some countries and territories need to give their biometrics. The fees for the biometrics is CAN$85 for individuals and CAN$170 for a family.

Become a member of the pool

To get a working holiday Canada visa, you must first become a member in one of the pools. If you do so, you can begin working in Canada within 12 months. To become a candidate, you must make an IEC Profile online and check your eligibility.

You need to wait until you get the invitation to apply for the work permit. All profiles will be removed from the pool at the end of the season. Also, if you are no longer eligible, you will be removed from the pool.

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