A cannabis plant reaches maturity by holding the majority of trichomes (colors) of cannabinoids that are formed on its leaves and buds. The accumulation of trichomes creates an awesome, powdery substance called kief (kif or keef).  It’s more powerful and effective than a traditional flower though less potent to extract concentrates like wax.

Quality Kief

Quality of kief is determined by the quality of the plant it springs from, kief with a blonde and with an irresistible aroma is high quality and pure kief. Fairly green in color is the exact definition of poor quality kief. Blonde kief is the pure high-quality accumulation of trichomes from high-quality plants. The best online dispensary Canada 2019 has lots of top quality kief.

Collection and Storing of Kief

The simplest way of collecting kief is to use a 3-piece herb grinder; its construction allows the ground herb to be caught in the middle chamber. When trichomes start falling through, there is a collection at the bottom of the grinder. For the collection of large kief, many people create makeshift sifters with layered screens. Using sifters and a coin, you can accelerate the kief collection process by disturbing the trichomes to fall off as many as possible.

A couple of quarters should be placed on the tray along with the dry herb and starts to shake the buzz for about 30-60 seconds. After shaking, you’ll inspect what quantity of kief was collected. It’s difficult to separate all the resin from the plant because it measures 75 and 125 microns on average kief. Purest kief without unwanted green plant can be collected by stacking three to four layers of fine mesh screen

After collection of kief, it is important to store it in a cool, dark and dry space and to keep the kief from bunching up you’ll want to stir and mix a couple of days


As it is the case with a wide array of kief’s, the Blond Kief come with a mouthwateringly high THC of 42% and a CBD level of less than 1%.

Uses for Blonde Kief

These are the common most used ways of taking kief.

  • Top off your buds with a little kief; simply sprinkle a small quantity of kief over the cannabis bud in your bowl.
  • Kief can be added to your morning cup of coffee; the heat of the coffee will activate the cannabinoids, making it available for consumption and will produce strong lasting effects up to 15-30 minutes.
  • Whip up some kief butter; kief can be used to create a product, butter.
  • Brew kief tea; you can equally add kief into your cup of tea. 1gram is more than enough for 4 6oz drinks to create a powerful drink.

Final Note

Kief on average tends to measure between 75 and 125 microns, blonde kief is pure if it’s from the high-quality plant. The collection and use of kief are concise and easy to understand. Check out our hash, you can acquire your favorite kief for a minimum of $49.00 and a maximum of $130.00


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