Best Hospital Management Software Worth Considering in 2021


The waves of technological transformation have touched all sectors including healthcare. In fact, technology has been a life savior for the healthcare sector in these tough times.

Technology is impacting the healthcare sector in many ways ranging from improved patient access to minimize waiting time, and effectual billing to record management.

Nowadays, several hospitals have started deploying Hospital management software. The tool is effective in reducing manual efforts as it automates many repetitive manual processes. It saves a lot of time and energy of healthcare workers, which can then be utilized to ensure better patient care.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the 5 best hospital management software to consider in 2021. But before heading to the same, let’s find out more about hospital management tools!

What is a Hospital Management System?

In today’s tech-dominated landscape, it could be potentially daunting to manage the day-to-day functions of a hospital while handling a huge influx of patients.

With the adoption of robust hospital management software, many functions can easily be automated. The software comes with a multitude of features that help doctors, patients, and admin staff to ensure quick diagnosis and timely patient care.

When you adopt the best hospital management system, it may help manage a range of operations including appointment booking, billing, inventory management, patient tracking, medicines, and more.

With the utilization of the right software tool, healthcare organizations are now enjoying greater access to data and analytics that help them make smarter decisions.

Why is a hospital management system required?

When the healthcare organization has an online management solution, admin staff and doctors can access patient data to provide a quick diagnosis. Also, the medical professional can analyze the patient’s condition and test reports to make the right decision without any difficulty.

The admin staff can update patient details for quick billing, avoiding hassle. The software tool even helps different departments in a hospital to work in an inter-connected manner, providing optimum patient care and improving the overall turnover.

Some advantages of the hospital management system are:

  • Reduces documentation and maintains patient’s records
  • Facilitates inventory management
  • Reduces chances of error
  • Access to patient’s history and other data for improved care
  • Easy monitoring
  • Enhanced Audit

5 Hospital Management Software to Consider in 2021

Now, let’s have a look at 5 best hospital management tool:

1. MocDoc HMS

MocDoc HMS is a popular healthcare management solution that is being used by hospitals and clinics, irrespective of their sizes. It comes with healthcare functionalities with tailored hospital management system modules for patient, doctor and process management.

The software tool helps admin staff to improve customer support and information management systems. It even includes all the important features that are needed by every healthcare organization.

MocDoc HMS Features;

  • It provides detailed MIS reports
  • You can access pharmacy stock management
  • It also provides multi-location support.
  • Facebook & website widget
  • For appointment scheduling, there’s a dedicated doctor discovery platform

2. Insta HMS

Looking to optimize your workforce productivity and offering enhanced patient care? If so, Insta HMS is the right hospital management software to choose!

Infused with some of its promising modules, the hospital management software streamlines operations and reduces inventory leakages. One of the best things about the tool is that it helps streamline insurance processes by calculating the amount and reducing it from the bill.

Outstanding Features of Insta HMS:

  • It provides specific modules for clinic and hospital management
  • It helps to enhance activity management and advanced OT
  • The tool facilitates advanced ordering and diet insurance modules.
  • It helps to manage ward activity.
  • The tool comes with a surgery scheduler, patient satisfaction, and survey modules

3. Aarogya

Aarogya is an integrated hospital management solution that perfectly caters to all the minor and major functionalities of a super speciality hospital. It helps healthcare organizations to make the right decision by offering ease of access to important information.

The tool comes with 5 crucial modules, namely hospital inventory management, out-patient management, in-patient management, diagnostic ensures patient care, financial accounting that offer a complete hospital management system.

Features of this hospital management software:

  • It supports 100-200 users concurrently
  • It gives access to core applications even through apps
  • It facilitates a paperless work environment
  • It provides a telemedicine facility.
  • A dedicated hospital database management

4. IT Dose Infosystem HMS

IT Dose Infosystem is another hospital management software tool that is being used by Apollo Diagnostics, Suraksha Diagnostics, MaxLab, 1mg, and more. The reason behind the popularity of the tool is that it is equipped with a range of features. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Doctor Schedule & Appointments
  • Inventory Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Lab Information System
  • Billing & Revenue Cycle Management
  • Day Care Management System
  • System Administration Functions

5.Suvarna HIS

Published by Suvarna Technosoft Pvt Ltd, Suvarna HIS is one of the best hospital management software tools that help hospitals and clinics to manage their daily operations without any hassle. The features of Suvarna HIS are,

  • Patient Records Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Claims Management
  • Physician Management

Final Thoughts

So, that’s a wrap-up to the 5 best hospital management software tools!

Although we have listed only the top 5 best hospital management software, you can explore more options by Clicking Best hospital management software.

All the software tools, as you could see, have different strengths that may help healthcare organizations to increase their revenue and enhance productivity. Make sure you choose one that may perfectly cater to your hospital needs and budget.

Hospital management software not only controls the patient records, treatment schedules, bills, and reports but also assists different departments in employee and administration management. You can try some or all of these recommended software tools and find your best match.

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