8 splendid Rakhis to make at home


The charm of handmade products is known to all and that is the reason why they are so much in demand. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is rolling in and you only have one special day to convey your love to your brother. So, instead of buying a Rakhi from the market or looking for rakhi delivery online; you can make a beautiful Rakhi for your brother at your home itself and show your love with the charm of exclusively handcrafted Rakhi for him. Here are some ideas for the same which are easy to implement. You will surely fall in love with the result that you will be receiving in the end. 

Quilling craft Rakhi

You must have used paper quilling during your school in order to create certain craft works or participate in some or the other competition! You can employ your knowledge of paper quilling to make a beautiful Rakhi for your brother by getting colour sheets or a pack of paper quilling from the market and designing a Rakhi exclusively for your brother. 

Origami sheet Rakhi

Merging hands with origami sheet scissors and Fevicol or glue would give you a back to school feeling and it would be fun to try our hands with the origami sheet to make some innovative designs or patterns and merge them into a beautiful Rakhi for your brother. Your creativity will definitely move your brother and can also fetch you an innovative gift in return. 

Recycled innovative Rakhi

Although you can buy Rakhi online, the charm of a handcrafted Rakhi would beat the beauty of any Rakhi that you would purchase from the market. After all, your handcrafted Rakhi would be a replication of your love towards your brother which would display your effort and affection for him. You can use your old T-shirts or other clothing materials to make an innovative rakhi for your brother. 

Gorgeous flower Rakhi

You must have purchased floral Rakhi for your brother many times from the market and you would be surprised to know that you can also make it at your home itself. You can follow any nice YouTube tutorial video and make a lovely flower out of papers or fabric and prepare a rakhi for your brother. 

Ribbon craft Rakhi

You must have tied ribbons to your hair back in school or you must have been doing so even today; so you can use these ribbons effectively to make beautiful flowers out of them and put them together into a lovely Rakhi. You can also use the ribbons as a thread that can be tied around the wrist of your brother. 

Handcrafted woollen Rakhi

Even if you do not know how to use the wool in order to knit a perfect sweater or a lovely muffler for yourself or for your dear ones. You can still use the wool in your house to make a beautiful Rakhi for your brother. You don’t even need to buy an entire ball of yarn for this. You can also use the leftover wool at your house and prepare a rakhi for your brother and you can also send your rakhi through online Rakhi delivery

Old jewellery Rakhi

If you have old jewellery, whether an earring, a ring or a piece of necklace or a pendant which you do not use any longer; you can surely bring it to use in order to make a handcrafted rakhi for your brother. If you have lost a pair of your favourite earring and are wondering what to do with the other one. Then you can implement it to make a rakhi along with some other materials such as beads and ribbons for your brother. 

Photo Rakhi at home

We all know the charm of personalized Rakhi. However, you need not to worry about going to the market to place an order for getting a well-crafted personalized rakhi for your brother because you can make it all on your own at the home itself. All you need is a glue stick, some photographs of your brother and some creativity; just merge all the things together and you’ll end up with a beautiful Rakhi in your hand.

Handcraft the best rakhi for your brother and send it to him with express Rakhi delivery services in various parts of the country.

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