Best cakes available online to celebrate Women’s Day


Celebrate the most special day for every women around you, the one who gave birth, to the one who raised you, the one you spent your childhood with, the one who supported you emotionally, the one who is your better half, and the one who is the reflection of you. It is the day you can thank them for inspiring you everyday and pay gratitude for supporting you in every odds of your life. When we think about the celebrations, we can’t skip the idea of ordering a cake. Because, a cake can’t be compared to any other food item as it is a symbol of happiness and affection. We order cakes for the celebrant on their birthday, anniversary, or even at weddings. Cakes are the taste of any festivities or celebration, without which the celebrations seem dull and bland. It can suffice the requirements of fun and enthralment of any occasion, starting from birthdays, anniversary, New Year, and Mother’s or Father’s day. So, why let this Women’s day go without any sweetness? With MyFlowerApp.Com, it is even easier and effective to celebrate a day with same day, midnight and fixed time delivery options. Listed below are some cake options available in the online stores can add a lot of beautiful memories to your celebrations:

Chocolate heart cake

Who doesn’t like the flavours of rich cocoa! It is especially the most favourite of ladies, girls and every women. So, order this most loved flavoured cake in the shape of heart so that you can express your love to them and speak your heart out.


Cupcake is an adorable option of gifting. There are many options where you can write your message on top with cream and send it online. It can be bought in single or multiple, depending upon your requirements. Wrap a couple of cupcakes beautifully can you can gift it to every woman you love.

Photo cake in heart shape

Capture the beautiful memory of someone you love the most and get it printed on a fluffy, scrumptious cake. You can pick any of the flavour that your lady loves the most. Photo cake in heart shape is a special one to gift your lover, mother or a special friend.

Tier cakes

You can actually call up your favourite ladies, including your mom, aunt, relatives, sister, and everyone, then order a cake that can suffice the gathering. A multi-tier cake can be the best option on this day to share love among everyone. You can also add small gifts or flowers by ordering them online and felicitate everyone for their love and support for you.

Red Velvet cake

Show your love to your most favourite woman or women with a red velvet cake. Order it in heart shape or round, this is one of the best buying option to convey love, romance and endless affection. This cake can go very well on Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday and all with some special gifts.

Fruit cake

Some exotic fruits on the Vanilla base cake can be a perfect option. The sweetish flavour of simple and light vanilla along with a tangy touch of the fruits can enhance the taste of the cake and mood of your favourite women on this Women’s Day.

Barbie cake

On this Women’s Day, celebrate the special moments with your beloved ladies with a Barbie cake as it can tempt your wife, impress your mom and definitely make your daughter happy. With this grand cake, let them know that they are as beautiful as this gorgeous doll is.

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