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Well, there are plenty of V VVinayak movies that can be found in aha movies, as well as various of other Telugu movies but just to name a few, in this article we will be listing down some of the movies that are available to be streamed in aha movies that are directed by V VVinayak.

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1.     Tagore

The first movie that is available to be streamed here in aha movies is called Tagore. Tagore is a movie that takes place in a society that is full of corruption which in a way reflects the societal structure of a 3rd world country where corruption is a big issue and predominant.

Tagore (Chiranjeevi) is your normal everyday person, who works as a professor and lives with his wife Nandini (Jyothika). One day during a Deepavali celebration at the apartment the whole apartment collapsed due to bad construction done by a bad construction company,

Tagore finds out that it is due to corruption that such weak a construction is allowed to be built and decided to start a team of Anti Corruption Force.

2.     Bunny

Bunny is a love story that involves a rich daughter falling in love with a man with a mediocre background. Raja (Allu Arjun) goes to the same college with Mahalakshmi (GowriMunjal), Mahalakshmi’s finds Raja attractive and decides to marry him.

At the beginning Raja is hesitant but eventually, he agrees to do so, at the same time Somaraju (Prakash Raj) which is Mahalakshmi’s father is also reluctant to let the marriage happen but ends up letting her do so due to his love for her.

However, Raja sets a condition where Somaraju must give his entire property to Raja as dowry.

3.     Naayak

Naayak is a movie that is filled with action and excitement that is best watched with a popcorn prepared as the movie is one that will have you so excited that you may jump out of your seat.

The movie follows Cherry (Ram Charan) who has a look-alike SiddharthNaayak (Ram Charan), Cherry got arrested by mistake as the person they were looking to arrest was Nayaak.

Naayak was wanted for killing a Central ministers brother, one thing leads to another. Cherry and Naayak team up to go against the corrupt minister.

Thank you for reading through this article and if you are interested in watching more Telugu movies there a lot of other genres available in aha movies.

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