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Bonn They hum, knock, vibrate and shake. They are now available in all colors and shapes and from different manufacturers, and they can be dirt cheap or incredibly expensive: massage gun for troubled office workers. A trend in the UK for a long time, the devices are currently conquering the market.

The manufacturers are aimed at highly motivated but slow-moving loungers at the desk with uncomfortable neck tension, shoulder, and back pain. The devices, which cost between 60 and 600 dollars, promise quick and effective remedies at the push of a button.

The problem: Because the massage gun is becoming more and more popular, more and more suppliers are appearing – but sometimes with very dubious devices, which on closer inspection turn out to be cheap and bad copies of the branded products. The dealers, mainly from Asia, lure at very low prices. The selection at the online retailer recova pro is now gigantic – who should keep an overview?

What are the products?

The products are battery-operated massage devices with different attachments to treat different muscle groups accordingly. The speed of the concentrated, fast impulses (up to 3200 beats per minute) can also be varied.

Since I often have to deal with severe tension in the neck and shoulder area, I am always looking for effective and effective alternatives to manual physiotherapy in the practice or massage appointments away from home. They don’t just cost money, they also cost time. Such a small message gun actually seems optimal for home use, doesn’t it?

What can the portable electric gun be used for?

Regardless of whether large muscles such as the back, thighs, and chest or smaller muscles such as the shoulder blades, spine, or calves: All of these can be treated with the devices for pain, sore muscles, or just for relaxation.

The massage increases blood circulation, which should relieve pain quickly and gently stretch stiff muscles. The range of motion should also improve through the treatment, which can be carried out independently. Some customers even report using the massage before yoga to be able to go deeper in stretching during the exercises.

Used by professionals

Some physiotherapists and chiropractors also use massage guns.

In fact, the treatment with a massage gun, initially completely independent of the manufacturer, feels incredibly good and extremely pleasant. Immediately after the test devices arrived in the editorial office, I massaged half of the editorial team, and there was hardly anyone who found the powerful, fast vibrations uncomfortable.

Quite the contrary: To amuse everyone present, the colleagues I “shot” at made various feel-good sounds, while other interested parties lined up to get to the next place.

A colleague and her husband bought such a massage gun a few days after my assignment, she was so enthusiastic about it. Another colleague emailed me whether we could make a bulk order. So what’s the deal with these wonder devices?

Are there any advantages over conventional massages?

For me, the clear argument for each massage pistol is the time it takes. With the gadget, I can basically treat myself all the time and in all possible places – even my tense back at the desk in the office.

In the practical test

Looks funny, but you can also use the gun on your back.

A few minutes are enough to create a pleasant and pleasant feeling and to relax. Even the feet can be treated with it. Only sensitive areas such as the neck, abdomen, or the flanks at the level of the kidneys do not feel good or even hurt when you move the gun over them.

Even if the price seems very high at first, the device could pay off in the long term for someone who otherwise goes to a massage for 80 dollars and more every week. This ultimately decides the personal balance. But let’s take a look at the individual devices.


The device comes with a practical day bag for a removable battery, attachments, charging station, and operating instructions.

Another plus: the included second removable battery. This doubles the runtime of the gun, which is normally 75 minutes. Although I absolutely advise you against using the device until the battery runs out. The manufacturers themselves point out that the massage gun can only be used for a few minutes per muscle group.

The bumps or vibrations are quite powerful and intense. However, it feels best to have someone second who uses a gun to massage you while lying on your stomach and enjoying.

The triangular handle and the adjustable arm are also positive for the TheraGun. This makes it a bit more convenient to use the gun alone. This makes it easier to get to hard-to-reach places, such as the lower back or shoulder muscles.


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