Anti-Ageing Treatment Of Botox


These days Botulinum toxins are used extensively in the dermatological science. There are a total of seven types of botulinum toxin exist namely (A, B, C1, D, E, F and G). The commercial use botulinum toxin A which commonly known as Botox was first seen in the United States of America. Ever since, looking at its effectiveness, the dermatologist around the world started using Botox to treat numerous skin diseases. Even in the smaller cities, like the dermatologists do use Botox in ludhiana.

Dermatologists around the world have a similar opinion regarding the use of botulinum toxin as a relaxing agent. Dermatologists in India have also welcomed the use of this toxin, and extensively use these toxins to treat many non-ageing diseases as well. The use of Botox in Ludhiana has also been seen by top dermatologists in the city. There is a number dermatologist in the city who do botox treatments very effectively.


The moisture is very important for this treatment. The area of skin treated has to be in a healthy condition. Meaning, the area of the skin must not be infected by any fungus or bacteria born infection. The skin should be totally bac bacteria-free. The procedure of the treatment starts from basic checkups, if there is any infection on the skin, the doctors will first treat that, then only then can go on with treatment. Ph skin should also be normal. If there is an issue with the moisture, it can be dealt externally as wee, by applying certain creams, which can balance the moisture within hours.

A certain degree of moisture is important to proceed with the treatment, but mostly it doesn’t delay the treatment. More often than dermatologists are able to deal with it externally, that too, within hours. The dermatologist practising Ludhiana are very conservative moisture, whenever they do use  Botox in Ludhiana the ph of the target area is upto the mark.

The procedure

Once the basic check-ups are done, and the dermatologist is satisfied with the ph value of the skin to be treated. They start the treatment by applying ice and anaesthetic cream on the skin to make the targeted area numb. Then, the doctors inspect the needles to use as the skin is among one of the most vulnerable organs of the human body. If the needles are not fine enough inject the botox, the targeted area can swell. There can be other side effects too, which start to emerge way after the procedure is done.

The fineness of the needles at times dodiffer with the brand and manufacturer. One dermatologist who uses Botox in ludhianasaid, he only uses one brand of needles. Not just him, most dermatologistshave their own favourite brand with they are comfortable with. That’s the reason they always re-check the needle their assistants have provided them.

Once they are satisfied with that, they just can simply inject the toxins. The results of the procedure start appear in a couple of days, post the procedure.

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