All You Need to Know About the Best Hospital for Angiography in Mumbai!


Before knowing about the best hospital lets discuss a little bit about what actually is meant by an angiography. In an angiography, your body vessels can be viewed by using x-rays. If your arteries or veins are blocked, enlarged, malformed or narrowed that can be easily studied in an angiography. The Asian Heart Institute is not only the best hospital for angiography in Mumbai but also one of the best hospitals for heart treatments all over India. If during the procedure of your angiography stenosis which is a narrowed blood vessel identified then the doctors perform the procedure of angioplasty straight away in order to widen or stretch the blood vessel.

The procedure of angiography is recommended by the doctors not only for the diagnosis of any heart problem which you might be having but also in finding out the effects of the treatment that you are given. Compared to an angiogram an angiography is technically quite less complex. The procedure of angiography is carried out by the AHI’s Department of Radiology as they are experts in using the images to guide the procedures.

You will be explained the entire procedure of angiography by the doctors at AHI and all your questions will also be clarified by them. You will also be asked to sign a consent form for giving them permission to take your angiogram. You should make sure for informing any sort of medical problem that you might be having to your doctors. There are no such complications of angiography and you will usually be allowed to go home by the doctors if all your vital stages are normal. You can also start to eat and drink normally once you feel like it after the completion of the procedure. A report will be written for your doctor by the radiologist at AHI after studying the pictures that were taken during the procedure of your angiography. Finally, your results will be discussed with you by the AHI doctors in an outpatient appointment and the treatment will be taken forward according to the requirements.

AHI is one of India’s No. 1 Heart Care Hospital which not only provides the best heart valve replacement surgery in Mumbai but also provides the best state-of-the-art, first fully digital panel cath labs for your angiographies and angioplasties. The image intensifier technology, which has been in use for many years has been replaced by flat-panel technology at AHI. This technology at AHI incorporates solid-state digital detector which reliably provides consistently high image performance through the fully ranged cardiac procedures.

All the clinical needs for interventional and diagnostic cardiac angiography with advanced image quality, innovative dose management and ease of positioning are met by fully integrated imaging systems. Thus, you are offered the highest level of clarity of the angiogram without any loss of detail by the flat panel technology. In the case of complex procedures where minor details and better image quality are critical for achieving results, this is really very helpful. Where will you get all this within your budget? So why are you wasting time and delaying your tests? Book your appointment today in the best hospital for angiography. Stay healthy and stay happy.

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