What Is Breast Lifting?
Breast lifting is a surgical operation. it’s performed to get rid of the extra glandular tissue and fat within the breasts, so as to reshape them or cut back their size. too large or drooping breasts might cause health and emotional issues like back, neck and shoulder pain in ladies. Men suffering from abnormality also can get this surgery performed. The candidate should be physically healthy and a non-smoker.

Who are the perfect Candidates for Breast Lifting?

  • Women with massive drooping breasts, that cause back, neck and shoulder pain normally choose this procedure.
  • Patients who have asymmetrical breasts.
  • Women who haven’t noticed any change in comfort when wearing wide strapped bras, or receiving therapy.
  • Men who haven’t responded well to medications or exercise regimens to reduce breast size.

What are The Pros and Cons of Breast lifting?


  • The procedure provides the required comfort for women troubled several years with shoulder, neck and backaches because of their large breasts. 
  • For both men and women, lifting in the size of their breasts facilitate boost their self-esteem. 
  • Performing daily functions as well as participating in your regular fitness schedule becomes more possible and less humiliating. 
  • With advances in surgical techniques, surgeons are currently trying to adopt ways to preserve the milk production system of the breast to favor lactation and nursing.
  • It is common amongst men to stay shirtless in gyms and fitness centers. In countries like India, a number of the prayer rituals require men to stay without a shirt. The social stigma of an enlarged chest in men as a feminine feature is eliminated once surgeries like breast lifting are created readily available.


  • If not done properly, the procedure will have painful complications as well as cause infections. With the proper analysis and a good cosmetic surgeon, the procedure can have a smooth recovery method.
  • Recovery time could take anywhere from one to three weeks, and easy activities like taking a shower can be tedious. 
  • Breast lifting has risks, like the risk of scars and lifting in nipple sensitivity. more rarely, these scars might take time to fade away.
  • If women intend to nurse current or future babies, breast liftings are usually not suggested as they cause numbness of the nipple and sever some of the breast tissue, needed for breast milk production.

What is MIRADRY ? 

How it works
The MiraDry technology is the only non-invasive device specifically designed and FDA approved to supply a long-lasting treatment for underarm sweat. It removes the sweat glands and once sweat glands are destroyed they do not grow back.

The perfect candidate for treatment is usually somebody who feels their excessive and vexatious underarm sweating is interfering with their daily life. Having a long-lasting, non-invasive solution is very important as a result of excessive underarm sweating can have a big impact on a range of events from how individuals approach social and professional situations to things as basic as their clothing selections.

Typically, 2 treatments performed 3 months apart are needed to maximize the results.  The initial treatment takes about ninety minutes as we’ve consents to fill out, measuring of the axillary vaults, and clarification of the procedure. The second takes concerning 60 minutes.

Side effect

Almost all patients can experience:

  • some swelling in their underarm (1-8 weeks)
  • altered sensation in the skin and around the treatment area (up to many months)
  • soreness, discomfort, or tenderness of the treated area (2-3 weeks)
  • redness from the device suction (a few days)
  • temporary bumps or lumpiness within the underarm (4-6 weeks)
  • patients may also experience some extent of hair loss

How does MiraDry Compare with different options (e.g. antiperspirants, ETS etc.), 

Until now, treatment choices are restricted to prescription-strength antiperspirants, oral medications, botulinum toxin A injections and surgery, that contains inherent risks.

Current treatment choices are designed to quickly disable the sweat glands and have proven ineffective for lasting results.

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