All That You Need To Know About Tamoxifen Citrate In Bodybuilding


Lots of individuals just buy tamoxifen citrate to use in bodybuilding without knowing anything about it. It’s a breast cancer-prevention drug that has gained much popularity within the bodybuilding community. It’s utilized as an ancillary drug in steroid cycles and also in post steroid cycle therapies. An ancillary drug is any substance that’s taken to counterbalance the unwanted effects of steroids. But what’s a steroid cycle?

Steroid cycle

A steroid cycle is a period within which a bodybuilder utilizes a steroid. As a bodybuilder, your major aim is to quickly build lean muscle and simultaneously lose weight; this is where this particular drug actually comes in. You can utilize it as a component of your steroid cycle so it helps you to achieve the following;

  • Enhance strength and muscle mass.
  • Promote leaner and harder physique.
  • Enhance athletic performance.

The substance is a safe drug to use as it binds the receptors of estrogen. Remember that it isn’t a steroid. A steroid features aromatization characteristics that could result in gynecomastia (breast enlargement) and raise fat deposits. So, you can use this medication together with steroids.


The drug is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM); it isn’t an aromatase inhibitor (AI). It functions to prevent estrogen from being attached to your body’s receptors and not to decrease levels of estrogen, so you can utilize it with aromatizing compounds without having any issues. The estrogen you get when you buy steroids online and use is needed to build muscles; this drug is valuable within the cycle to achieve the muscles without lowering your estrogen levels. Some among its major benefits include;

  • It helps in burning fat. This is evidently more so if you happen to feature exceptionally low body fat. The medication enhances your muscle’s hardness and decreases water retention in the body, bringing about an attractive and dry body figure. You will end up being admired by fellow athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Steroid cycles put a strain on your health and they interfere with your blood’s lipids. Estrogen is quite crucial for your immune system to operate properly and your lipid profile. Utilizing these pills in your cycle is quite beneficial to your lipid profile and immune system.
  • If you come across gynecomastia while you are on any steroid cycle, this medication instantly counters the gyno. Even though you are going to experience the effects for a truly short period of time when you stop taking the medication; you will certainly face the same gynecomastia symptoms sooner than you anticipate. To handle the gyno rebound, it is recommended that you use this drug together with an aromatase inhibitor as an AI features long-term outcomes as it lowers the production of estrogen.
  • The drug is a lot safer in comparison to other ancillaries used in PCT. It is much less toxic and ideal for long-term utilization with wide ranging benefits, but you might encounter mild side effects.

This is all that you need to know before you buy tamoxifen citrate to use in bodybuilding. You should understand that both nutrition and training are quite crucial in the cycle. So, you should maintain a balance between the two.

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