A2i, The New Way of Playing the Game of Marketing


“Digital Transformation,” the buzz word has cleverly manifested itself in the world of marketing over the past eight years. Over 70% of current companies store and access data for their marketing strategies digitally. The transformation was also clearly evident in the presentation of marketing data. The last three years witnessed hundreds of marketing tools that hosted powerful data mining and sophisticated presentation dashboards entering the market. 

Today, an average marketer has access to over 300 SEO and digital marketing tools that makes available over 1000 data points for an effective digital marketing strategy. So is it fair to say the digital transformation has done right for marketing? If the former is the case, then why is an “online marketing strategy,” one of the most searched google queries related to digital marketing? With the large variety of tools in place, the data mining protocols did get easy. However, the sheer number of metrics to be monitored and analyzed, complicated the life of marketers further.

Quick Fact: A typical marketer uses a minimum of 5 marketing tools during a week of 40 hours.

 With a tagline of Sense, Simplify and Strategise, Lead Mirror now aims to fill this area. LM aims to make more time for marketers and growth hackers for effective execution, rather than on picking what is required. With a prolonged understanding of what makes growth hacking possible for a product and a parallel supportive Machine Learning bot, masterminds behind Lead Mirror devised the A2i way of marketing. A2i – Artificial 2 human Intelligence Marketing is a human-machine duo that is learning every moment and getting stronger on how to simplify digital marketing strategy. 

Today, Lead Mirror (Mocking Jay) has successfully identified the Pareto of Digital Marketing for a small/medium business. The areas of digital marketing, which requires 20% of your efforts to be fixed and yields 80% results are now readily available using Lead Mirror. On-board a website with Lead Mirror and witness how the A2i interface becomes a personal digital assistant allowing simplified strategic planning. Lead Mirror is currently available in Pro+ and Expert plans. Tailor-made plans are also available starting from USD 19.99.


About Lead Mirror:

Lead Mirror is an intelligent marketing assistant that simplifies your digital marketing strategy. By Growth Hackers, for marketers, Lead Mirror with A2i has been artistically built and shows only what is required and has to be fixed for effective digital marketing. Powered by LM-0064, Lead Mirror learns with you for your business, and will provide only the most reliable insights for a top-notch online marketing strategy; Yes, your very own digital marketing assistant!

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