5 Best Online Reputation Management Tools for Your Brand


Choice, Choice everywhere…but nothing to choose? Well, Online reputation management system can help you to guide the customer to your door of the business.

Bygone are those times when reputation was maintained by the curated speech of one or through the word of mouth.

Today, the customer has turned more advance, with the regular acknowledgement of the latest technology. therefore, it becomes a vital job for the organization to work in affirmation and collaboration with the efforts to maintain its online image.

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 91% of the population falling in the age group of 18 to 34 firmly believes in reviews as much as a local word of mouth.

Online Reputation Management– Integral Part of Marketing Strategy:

Developing the final product doesn’t withstand the cycle of the business. it further concludes with several steps of proceedings like testing, marketing, and customer service.

Marketing has created an illusional belvedere, where traditional mediums of marketing are getting replaced with the practice of digital marketing.

Therefore, it is mandatory to understand the importance of customer reviews on various social platforms, which are enough to malign the brand image in the wholesome of the market.

As per the reports by Moz, 67.7% of purchasing decisions are catered after pondering over the online reviews, posted by the customer based on their prior experience.

Basically, modulation of online podiums is important to inflate the graph of marketing. Though marketers are following the facts by implementing the techniques of online reputation management in their core structure.

The study of Clutch visualizes the need for online reputation management by categorizing it in various sects ranging on the varied scale by a span of monitoring time, from hourly basis to yearly basis.

5 Leading Online Reputation Management tools for Your Brand:

Reports from Inc. states that, it may take around inputs of 40+ positive review to overshadow the impact of a single negative review.

Therefore, it is a challenge for the organization to keep its image clean and glean in the market shell. To overcome such tedious challenges, there are ample of online reputation management tools available in the market. These tools, further let you monitor and track the passage for the negative image. Also, the tools further guide in creating informative space and act as an able step to attract most of the crowd with the promised and quality services.

Let’s have a look at 5 Best online reputation management tool, that helps the organization to advocate the marketing strategy;

1.      Google Alerts:

Google Alert is one of the most recognized tools used by the team of SEO and market researchers. Basically, Google Alerts set the alarming alerts and notifications in the context by the set of specific keywords or your company’s name, when a certain change is detected.

Such alerts help you to rediscover the way of shortcomings and origin of negative impact, by notifying for the cases to work on it with formative steps.

2.      Reputology:

A negative review is a worse form of nightmare, that is enough to haunt the brand in every way possible. Reputology is an online reputation management tool, that advocates the functioning and sighting of reviews by monitoring them at a regular pace.

Apart from the review on the host website, Reputology lets you explore reviews, concerning your brand from various other platforms categorized in various domains. Also, it channelizes the negative review with excellent customer support services, by addressing their issues.

3.      Reputation Defender:

Reputation Defender is one of the best solutions to protect your reputation for the continuous positioning of the brand in the market.

The tool bolsters in eliminating the faults from the social platform and inflate the graph of website ranking with in-build SEO parameters. The online reputation management tool helps to monitor the reputation of one self’s as well as of the organization. The tool is capable enough to set privacy mode for reputation management setup.

4.      Brand Grader:

The Brand Grader lets you monitor and track both positive and negative of your brand, which can be effectively used by the brand owners as well as the customers.

The tool is significant to categorize the set in pre-defined captions, which let to advocate easy decisions and create reputation initiatives for business by working on the reviews.

The Brand Grader let the set of digital information, categorized in various domains such as organization’s namely projects, reviews from social forums and location-based generic reviews.

5.      Chatmeter:

Chatmeter is the brand management platform, that lets the organizations conduct analysis on the review of the customer from 20 local searches and its subsidiaries.

Chatmeter is equipped with the tendency to track the rate of the reputation of a neighbouring company or competitor. Also, it notifies the organization, the moment their name pop in any of the customer-facing resource.

In Conclusion:

According to the survey of the Association for Psychological Science, the customer finds an alternative method of culling best out of the two with the same rating by the number of maximum reviews of the product.

Undertaking the probation for online reputation management services is surely a marketing treatment, that lets you monitor the ins and outs of the business, by tracking the possible cause of bad reputation to giving satisfactory resolutions to its customer.

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