8 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Hemp Plants


Are you considering using hemp products? How about growing your own hemp plants?

Did you know that 14% of Americans use CBD products? If you’re thinking of growing hemp, it’s a hot item that’s increasing in sales.

In this article, learn the many reasons why you might want to grow hemp plants, and why it’s so lucrative. Read on to explore all about this beneficial plant, and why so many are choosing to grow it not only for the benefits but profits as well.

What Is Hemp? 

Before growing hemp, it’s a good idea to check out your location and ensure it’s legal to grow there. The good news is that almost all states in the U.S. allow it.

Hemp is known as a relative to the marijuana plant and is what CBD is made from. Did you know that in 2013 you could find 0 acres of hemp in the United States, but today there are about 150,000 acres?

Hemp Plant Uses

Today, hemp is used in carpeting, soaps, shampoos, foods such as hemp protein powder, and supplements for fatty acids. The main difference between marijuana and hemp is the amount of THC. THC is what gives you that mind-altering effect.

Hemp contains more CBD than hemp while marijuana contains a large amount of THC. This means that hemp won’t get you high since it doesn’t contain enough THC for that. It’s important to keep in mind though that there might still be traces of THC.

  1. Cannabis Is Accessible 

Cannabis is becoming more acceptable around the country, and so many states now allow you to grow your own hemp. You’ll find that there’s much more information out there, and it’s a much more relaxed and acceptable plant.

  1. Full Control

It’s nice to know how something you decide to consume is being made. Whether it’s organic or not, you can decide on different growth factors. You can decide on the entire process from curing, to harvest and drying.

  1. Save Money

When you grow your own hemp, you’ll be saving money. Take a look at your budget for hemp, and how much it’ll cost you to grow your own compared to buying it.

  1. Little Work

Growing hemp isn’t as time-consuming and difficult as you might think. There are plenty of resources to study to learn how to grow it successfully.

Different methods to choose from for the growing process are available as well. For example, you can look into automated systems if you’re not interested in tending to your hemp plants in a greenhouse.

Automated growing systems are wifi-enabled, self-contained, and are miniature cabinets where they’ll grow. It’s aesthetically pleasing as well, and you can show it off to your friends and family.

  1. Versatile

Did you know that hemp is a versatile plant? You can use it for a variety of purposes from different products at the store, to biodiesel fuel.

Many are now using hemp products in their makeup, fashion, skin care products, and oils. You can gain a profit from growing hemp.

  1. a Great ROI

Many farmers are noticing a high profit by growing hemp for different products such as CBG and CBD. You can find CBD in plenty of health and wellness products.

  1. Sustainable

It’s a sustainable crop option. It grows in clusters, unlike many other crops. That means it requires very little fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. The good news is it doesn’t require as much water as other crops such as cotton.

  1. Renews Soil

Plants deplete the soil of some necessary nutrients. Hemp has the opposite effect and helps to renew the soil.

This is due to the release of carbon dioxide into the soil. Hemp seeds are a great option for crop rotation. Crops that grow in the soil after hemp, tend to grow better than soil that didn’t have it growing.

Legal Matters

First, make sure it’s legal to grow hemp in your area. Next, you’ll need to obtain a license before you can begin growing hemp. Some states will require you to fill out paperwork and pay a fee to do so.

Certain areas might require you to have a criminal background check done as well. After they’re harvested, your plants will need to be checked for THC levels. Anything higher than .3% THC will be destroyed.

Seed Quality

The quality of the seeds matters since you’ll want to avoid high levels of THC. Some seed companies might not be keeping up with these legal requirements.

Why Hemp? 

Some might wonder why they should consume hemp. Some claim that hemp has plenty of healthy nutrients that can help your overall diet.

There’s also the belief that it can help decrease your risk of heart disease. Some also say that it’s great at reducing stress and improving your immunity as well.

Growing Tips

It’s a good idea to plant hemp seed in the late spring. Once the last frost is gone you can plant the seeds.

Use a soil thermometer to check the temperature of the soil. You’ll want it to be at least 50 F. Ensure that you water the hemp throughout the growing season.

It’s a good idea to check the moisture of the soil to see if it needs any more water. It’s most important during the first few weeks of the growing process as well.

The Many Reasons Why You Should Grow Hemp Plants

Now that you’ve explored the many benefits of why you should grow hemp plants, you should have a better idea if it’s right for you. Would you like to read more business content? For everything from food to business, check out our other articles today.


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