7 reasons why you need automation for your HR department in 2019


There is a widespread belief that automation is there to replace the humans and thus there are many HR professionals who are getting intimidated by it. But, those who think that way must rethink. Technology is there to minimize the efforts you make repeatedly, especially in doing redundant tasks that hardly require critical thinking. Infact, automation is something that we all use in our day to day life in one way or the other.

So, in this blog, we are going to tell you how HR and payroll software can help your HR department.

Increases ROI-

The software not just reaps whatever you have invested in it but makes sure the investment made on employees is giving you optimum results in return. The HR and payroll software automates multiple functions that an HR is ought to manage and aids you with proper tracking of the employees. When you are able to allocate tasks, track the progress of the task assigned, give training, the profits soar and it ends up increasing the revenue.

Increases employee satisfaction- 

One of the many tasks that HRs are expected to do is taking care of employee satisfaction. The satisfaction level of employees depends on many things like on-time salary credit, work culture, peer motivation, work policies and rewards, appreciation and recognition. For improving any of these areas, HR requires time. After automating the HR functions like recruitment, and the biggest pain in the neck- payroll, HR gets time to focus on employee satisfaction parameters that an HR and payroll software cannot solve. Moreover, the software also has a helpdesk to escalate queries and shows employees their information while allowing them to understand each and every policy and do a lot more.

Leverage remote workforce-

Not all employees work in-office, some are deployed to work on-field or do business travel. While it is easy to manage in-office employees, it is quite hard to keep a tab on a remote workforce. By using a payroll processing software, you can track their movement and ask them to mark attendance using the mobile application of the software. This makes a huge difference in the productivity of the workforce and increases profits.

Stay compliant- The payroll software helps HR in keeping the company compliant. There are so many things that are easy for a human to forget but the software doesn’t. The employment laws, tax slabs, labour laws and many other deductions that are to be done are done appropriately by the software.

No chance for human errors- Automation helps in eliminating the chance of any human error like duplication, wrong data entry and others. The software is generally capable of picking the data from the source. For instance, the payroll data from the attendance software, the candidate data from the candidate and consultant portal. When there are no human errors, there is no need of rework which in turn saves a lot of time of the HR.


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