8 Common Myths about Bodybuilding That Need Debunking


If you are new to bodybuilding, you will hear a lot of crazy stuff. What’s interesting is that each person will tell you something different. Most of what you hear are myths. To successfully train yourself, you need to crack all these myths.

You need to clear your head and that means debunking the myths. Here are common myths all beginners must know:

Myth #1: As you train like a bodybuilder you become one

I see this mantra has inspired a number of people but it has also misled so many beginners.  Training hard without any plan can wreak your body.

Instructions that come from elite bodybuilders don’t have practical relevance for an average person. These are the individuals who take supplements and in some cases drugs to achieve that ripped figure.

Myth #2: For a bulk build, you need heavy weights

There is no doubt weight lifting helps in building muscles and a bulky body but it is not the only way.  In other words, you shouldn’t just stick to lifting a weight. You should increase your reps.

A study compared how high reps and low reps affect muscle growth. The comparison was between sets performed with 80% to complete muscle failure with sets performed to 30% to complete muscle failure.

The results showed that the load was not really necessary. What mattered was whether or not the muscles worked to failure or fatigue. High reps and light weights resulted in the same muscle growth as low reps and heavyweights.

This concludes to the fact that one can still build muscles with light weight lifting. If you don’t have access to weights, then simply increase your reps and you will get the same kind of results.

Myth #3: You need a protein supplement to gain muscles

Protein is an essential macro-nutrient for muscle mass, but you don’t have to take protein powder for goals. The key is to get enough protein from your diet.

Those who want to build muscles must consume 2 grams of protein per pound of their body weight on a daily basis.

Myth #4: Steroid is a quick fix in bodybuilding

Ask any bodybuilder and they will negate this statement. They will tell you that, in fact, you need intense training and a good diet to reap the full benefits of steroids. Steroids are never a magic pill that instantly gives you an athletic body.

Along with a healthy lifestyle and workout routine, you will need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to meet your bodybuilding goals.

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Myth #5: More sweat means more fat loss

It’s not just bodybuilders, anyone who is on a weight loss regime is told this myth. The truth is, sweat has no connection with fat loss. It is just the way of the human body to release heat.

Fat is burnt inside the body. It does not vaporize when you sweat.

Myth #6: You gain weight with Creatine

This is another false statement. Creatine is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. It provides energy to our body. It is responsible for pulling water into the muscle cells causing the cells to volumize. Volumized cells make the muscles look bigger.

When people combine creatine supplement with carbs and other food, it increases weight. Likewise, when creatine is combined with sugar, it results in water gain.

Myth #7: All muscles are strong muscles

There is a fine line between training your muscles to make them bulky and training your muscles to become strong.

It is not that big muscles are not strong, but not all muscles have the same level of strength.

Myth #8: Calcium can only be obtained from dairy products

This is untrue. There are lots of other food items from where you can get calcium. Sesame seeds and broccoli are some examples. If you are a vegan, you can rely on vegetables for your calcium intake.

However, you will have to eat plenty to get the recommended amount of calcium. Of course, you cannot consume a cup of sesame seeds for calcium intake especially when you are on a fat loss diet. That’s because one cup of sesame seed contains 825 calories.

You will have to talk to your nutritionist to help you devise a meal plan for each day that meets the daily requirements of essential minerals and nutrients.

These myths are not it, you are going to hear a lot more. Just verify the information before you believe it.

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