7 Ways to Retain and Improve Your Brain Power


Our brain is the powerhouse that shapes our personality and helps us be who we are. In fact, one of the most complex information processing systems happens to be the human brain. It comes with a plethora of jaw-dropping features and designs as well as some dangerous glitches.

As the brain is the most powerful tool, it is imperative that you take good care and try to retain and improve your brain power.  The mental decline is quite common and it is one of the most dreaded ageing consequences. 

But the cognitive damage is not certain or absolutely inevitable. The degeneration of the brain can be thwarted and you can improve and maintain your brain function by practising some lifestyle tricks.  

Here are a few ways that can help you restore your brain power in the best way possible. Just take a look. 

  • Go for Some Exercise a Few Times a Week – Working out or exercising does not just enhance your physical fitness levels, but it can also assist you to boost the health of your brain. You can run, swim, cycle or do whatever form of exercise that you love for this. This way you can strengthen the connections between the cells of the brain. This will definitely aid you to boost your information-taking capabilities and your memory skills will also improve. You should exercise for 30 minutes, at least, 5 times every week. But if you are just starting off then you should begin with twice a week and then build it up slowly. Otherwise you can risk growing bored of the new routine. 
  • Try to Achieve Mental Stimulation – Through the research with the humans and the mice, the scientists have discovered that the new connections between the nerve cells can be stimulated. This can assist the brain to develop new cells which, in turn, develops the neurological plasticity and builds up the functional reserve. This is what offers a hindrance against the future loss of cells. Any activity that is mentally stimulating should assist to build up the brain. For this, you can do mental exercises like math problem or word puzzles, take courses or start reading prolifically. You should try out things that call for the mental dexterity like painting, drawing and other crafts. 
  • Go for Creativity – Colouring, no matter, how weird it sounds, can have the similar effects as that of meditation according to studies. If you search online, you will find a plenitude of the colouring books specifically designed for the adults. Again, if you are more interested in cooking, try to explore your culinary skills further. If you like venturing outside all the time, you can start by challenging yourself to learn a new sport. The time spent for trying new things and being creative can really assist in strengthening the overall functioning of the brain. 
  • Improve the Diet – A great diet can assist your body as well as your mind. For example, those who eat the Mediterranean styled diet can emphasize on the vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and the unsaturated oils. The proteins sources from plants are less common to give rise to or develop dementia and other types of cognitive impairment. 
  • Limit Stress – It is quite hard for someone to adopt to the new changes in life. One of the biggest reasons for that is cortisol which is a kind of hormone that is secreted when you are in a lot of stress. On the older brains, it has a stronger effect. That is why as we age, we can find it more difficult to deal with emotional turmoil. So you should take things slowly and should learn the ways for coping with the tension and anxiety for the wellbeing of your brain.
  • Build the Social Ties – The stronger social ties are associated with the lower dementia risk which will lead to lower blood pressures and enhanced life expectancy. Naturally, it is imperative that you socialise if you want to improve the performance of your brain and let it stay young.

  • Get the Sleep that You Need – Research has revealed that insufficient sleep has led to more risk of dementia and slower thinking. Every individual’s requirements vary to a great extent, but the guidelines recommend the requirement of at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Remember that you are not supposed to take the sleeping pills just because you have frequent sleep troubles. Your cognitive problems can get enhanced because of those pills. Whether you are insomniac or a snorer (failing to sleep well) or are suffering from something entirely different, you should consult with the most reputed sleep apnea dentist before trying out medication of your own. She can guide you with ways that can help you sleep without any side effects. This can mean lifestyle changes or slight alterations in your bedroom ambience like keeping it cool, dry and dark or your sleeping position or diet. 

The above are some of the ways to retain and improve your brain power so that you can live the life that you desire for the longest time. 

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