5 Ways a Timely Oil Change Can Save Your Vehicle


Since decades car care experts have been suggesting the car owners to keep changing their car engine oil in regular intervals, as recommended by their manufacturer described in owner’s manual. They have given the reasons why a routine change of the engine oil can save the vehicle from multiple damages.

Proper Lubrication

The mechanics who offer oil change service in Hesperia explained that vehicle engines are consisted of several moving parts, all of which need to be lubricated properly in order to avoid friction against each other.

The oil that is used in the engine is meant to execute this vital functionality. But with time and usage, this oil consistency breaks down and gets contaminated because of the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris that comes from both the environment and from the corrosion of different internal parts. At this point, the contaminated oil fails to do the job it is supposed to.

So, it becomes essential to change the engine oil at certain intervals due to safety concerns, that are prescribed in the owner’s manual. The owner is also required to check out the specification of oil type described in the manual so that it shouldn’t differ from its weight, grade, and viscosity that the vehicle needs and should also be filled in the recommended volume.

Cooling Down the Engine Components

The moving parts of the vehicle engine that are not properly lubricated starts creating friction while working in tune with each other.

This generates unprecedented amount of heat inside the engine combustion chamber which can affect the other components.

By a regular supply of clean and sufficient quantity of oil, one can prevent such friction from taking place and also prevent the engine from being over-heated.

Improves Fuel Efficiency

Poor lubrication in the engine components also leads to more fuel consumption, as the engine has to work harder to achieve its usual level of performance.

So, one has to make sure that there is sufficient quantity of clean oil present inside the engine’s chamber. This will in return maintain good gas mileage and sometimes it can even improve the fuel efficiency by 1-2%.

Prolong Vehicle Lifespan

Needless to say, the engine as the heart of any vehicle is the major part that needs to stay healthy if one wishes to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle. For this, what is required is following a strict routine of maintenance schedule, which will primarily include the change of engine oil as well as other important car fluids.

This will make the vehicle last longer as all the engine components will be working smoothly without unnecessary friction and the engine won’t have to work that hard to perform well on the roads.

According to the mechanical team of the Hesperia oil change service center, even the overall car valuation do increase to quite an extent at the time of reselling the car or when used as a trade-in product.

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