5 Essential roles of your teeth


Teeth have an essential role in chewing, feeding, maintaining the beauty of your smile in your face, pronouncing words and contributing to mental health. It should be considered that because of gum dissolving, people with gum disease have more tooth decay. Sometimes tooth decay can start from under the gum and it can lead to the destroying of enamel. So the tooth can become more decayed, and also gum disease can damage your tooth bone and ultimately leads to a process in which your tooth becomes loose or fall out. It should be noticed that some medicines because of their side effects can cause dry mouth, and then tooth decay and some others cause a type of gum disease which can lead to the decay in your teeth.

Diseases do not play a direct role in causing caries, but because of the effects of using the medicine in some illnesses or non-drug type, for example in neurological disease, etc., the teeth can be made more susceptible to caries.  Consult your emergency dentist for knowing more about the side effects of medicines. The main factor of decay can be dental plaque. So we should follow some beneficial tips to prevent tooth decay.

  • Tooth reinforcement
  • Reducing of creation a suitable area for dental plaque
  • Removing dental plaque
  • Regular and frequent examinations
  • Try to visit your dentist at emergency dental clinic regularly.

Lack of mouth hygiene and failure to use a suitable toothbrush and floss can lead to the formation of a microbial layer on your teeth. Some minutes after eating, the harmful acid produced by germs in this layer can stay for 60 minutes in your mouth leading to destroying of the enamel and it can be the starting point for tooth decay. Visit your emergency dentist, if you have ulcers, redness, bleeding from the gums, infectious, denture wounds or if you need any type of dental treatment such as teeth whitening.

Improper consumption of sugars and excessive use of sticky sugars such as chocolates and gums can cause tooth decay because they can remain in your mouth for longer periods of time.  If you don’t care your dental and oral hygiene, it can lead to tooth decay and even tooth loss. In this case, root canal can be needed. To prevent them, the following health tips are essential.

Health tips for dental care and dental hygiene

  • Brush after each meal
  • Use dental floss at least once a day
  • If you use sugary foods, try to consume them with main meals
  • Consume milk, dairy and fluoride-containing foods such as fish
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals such as carrots, lettuce and apples
  • Use sodium fluoride mouthwash or fluoride-containing gel or toothpaste
  • Keep your teeth and mouth clean and go to the dentist once every six months
  • Don’t smoke because it is very harmful to your teeth and mouth.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to brush immediately after meals, be sure to rinse your mouth with water.
  • If there is something on the surface of the tooth, wipe it off
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