4 Healthy Ways To Decrease Back Pain From That Is Caused By Sitting


You can decrease back pain from sitting by following the recommendations of an expert physical therapist in Highland Indiana. It is the week’s last workday and you have been sitting at your work desk for five days in a row. How precisely does your back feel? In the most excellent of circumstances, it is maybe quite stiff. In the worst of circumstances, you have probably missed work as the cutting pain is preventing you from working. The most excellent news is that it must be like that. This article offers some healthy ways of decreasing, or even halting, back pain that’s brought about by too much sitting.

1. Take short breaks all through the day and move
It is an excellent habit to stand up and move around every thirty minutes. Taking brisk walks about the office, a purposeful trip to visit coworkers rather than call them, or to get some coffee, are all excellent means of incorporating more movement into the workday.

2. Set reminders for yourself
If you happen to be the type of person who is always caught up in phone calls, emails or forgets to take your lunch and goes for several hours on end without any movement, try and set personal reminders on your PC or phone. Also, there are a couple of apps that could help you with this.

3. Get your workspace optimized
This is among the foremost recommendations from the foremost physical therapist in Highland, IN. Try to see that your workstation is as friendly to your body as you can make it by following these listed guidelines.
• Your PC monitor should be just below your eye level and your head should face forward, thus decreasing excessive neck positions.
• Your arms must be in line with your body, with the elbows bent at ninety degrees.
• Your chair must feature sufficient back support, and feature a gentle curve around your lumbar spine. If not, you should use a blanket or towel to imitate a similar effect.
• Your PC monitor must be at arm’s length, and if possible, utilize hands-free headsets when using your phone.
• Keep everything parallel to the ground. Never cross or sit on your legs.
• Keep the knees bent at ninety degrees, with your feet firmly placed on the ground, and never tucked beneath the chair.

4. Physical therapy
Physical therapy is an effective, safe, and cost-efficient means of providing great relief from back pain. There are several treatments available, like manual therapy, spinal manipulation, as well as physical exercise. Professional therapists work with their patients to help in maintaining or even restoring their range of motion, functions, mobility, as well as strength, to enhance their all-round quality of life.

In conclusion, these are the foremost ways to use in decreasing the kind of back pain that arises from too much sitting, as recommended by the foremost physical therapist Highland in Indiana. There are several others such as the utilization of a stability ball, but these are the foremost ones. You can always contact the experts if you are unsure of which option will be most appropriate for you. They will always help you choose.

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