Write about the Incorporated Company in the USA and income tax return in the USA?


What is meant by the incorporated company?


Incorporation is one of the legal processes which are used to form a corporate company or entity. It will result in the legal entity which separates the firm assets and also income from the owner and investors of the company. Incorporate is the process of legally declining the corporate entity as separate from the owner of the company.


What are the features of the incorporated company in the USA?


The principal features of the incorporate company in usa are given by,


  • Registration – The Company must be registered under the companies act. They will provide the incorporation certificate to the company.
  • Voluntary association – The Company is the association of many persons on a voluntary basis.
  • Legal personality – The Company is the creation of law and it is known as an artificial person.
  • Management – The management of the company must be entrusted by the board of directors. The shareholders of the company are not the part of the management.
  • Permanent existence – The Company has the perpetual succession.
  • Common seal – It is an important feature of the company. The seal is affixed in any documents it is the witness of the company directors.
  • Limited liability – The liabilities of the shareholder are limited.
  • Control – In the company who contributes the share capital has the full control of the company affairs.
  • Taxation – The rate of the income tax of the company must be the same irrespective.
  • A divorce between the ownership and management.

What is meant by income tax return?

The income tax return is one of the forms in which assesses the files information about the person’s income and the tax behind to the income tax department. If you are filing a belated return you are not allowed to carry the forward certain losses. This is known as an income tax return.

What is the importance of the income tax return?

The importance of the income tax return in usa is given by,

  • Your capital loss and gains will get an adjustments
  • Your tax refunds will be easy to claim if you file the income tax return
  • Loans will have come to you very easily if you have been filing your income tax returns accurately.
  • You will be able to claim your tax deductions very easy way
  • Owing assets or foreign assets will be much easier.

From the above important points, you must be filing your income tax returns.

What are the advantages of the income tax returns?

  • Easy loan approval like home loan, vehicle loan, etc.
  • Claim tax refund.
  • You can use the income tax returns as your income and address proof
  • Quick visa processing.
  • Carry forward your losses
  • Avoid penalty.
  • Buying a high life cover.
  • Avoid the interest on the tax liability
  • It is easy filing through the online.

These are the advantages of filing the income tax returns.

Why are you waiting for filing your income tax returns!!





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