Why Quest Food Management Services Strives to Keep Their Employees Happy


When it comes to business nowadays, almost everything is viewed through the lens of the pandemic and its economic effect. Quest Food Management Services excelled through embracing virtual hiring events, phone screenings, and face-to-face meetings.

Quest Food Management Services wants to keep their team happy—both incoming employees and current staff—because Quest values the communities from which their employees come, along with the increased productivity that results from happy employees.

Quest Food Management Services proves the value of its commitment by encouraging its management staff to engage in their local communities, which creates leadership within the industry that is aware of wants and needs from local consumers.

They can make the changes that continue to drive Quest to new heights of relevance and appreciation.

Through the Pandemic

Quest has been an integral part of its employees’ lives and the lives of the surrounding communities. Quest has managed to rise above troubling times in the industry, providing work and helping employees succeed. For instance, Quest’s CEO, Mike McTaggart, announced that he would even forego his salary.

Instead, he is directing his salary to the Quest Care Fund, which will focus on supporting the needs of team members by stocking food pantries in local schools across the city of Chicago. The Quest Care Fund is also funded by voluntary assistance from Quest employees, along with GoFundMe.

Quest also started a school meal production initiative that creates, packages, and delivers food to kids at schools throughout the area. It’s easy to see how employees would be so enamored with the organization as Quest is legitimately involved in trying to improve lives, even at its own expense.

Giving Back

Under normal circumstances, any business that retooled all of its incoming resources to give out for free would eventually collapse as there would be nothing coming in to match it. A business has to make money to survive, after all.

However, that hasn’t been the case with Quest Food Management Services. Because of Quest’s drive to render aid and improve the lives of employees and those who live in the surrounding communities, those same communities are giving back in whatever way they can.

There are several ways in which Quest’s clients have given back.

  • A full ⅓ of Quest’s clients have offered aid and assistance
  • One client put together $1,000 for each Quest employee
  • Another client created a GoFundMe, which raised thousands of dollars
  • Another client put all of Quest’s employees on its payroll through the school year
  • Another client donated all of their excess food stocks to Quest employees

The only reason that an entire community would come together for a single employer would only indicate the degree of love that the community has for that employer. Because Quest treats its people so well, an entire community of people and clients have come together to help.

Insurance and Wellness

Quest offers its employees the entire gamut of health insurance options, including accidental death and dismemberment insurance, HSAs, occupational accident insurance, and supplemental life insurance.

Retirement and Vacation

Quest Food Management Services also make 401k retirement plans available for its employees, as well as charitable gift matching. Time off includes bereavement periods, standard, earned vacation for 12 month units, and sick days.

Employment Perks

Lastly, Quest offers perks for employees to take advantage of with a full-fledged employee assistance program, along with free lunches and snacks for its employees. They also offer family medical leave in the case of medical emergencies involving close family members.

Work-Life Balance

According to employee ratings found throughout the internet, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and many others, working at Quest Food Management Services and the work-life balance is exceptional.

Quest believes in the happiness of those who work there because, as aforementioned, a happy worker is far more productive than a miserable one. It’s a great symbiosis that many employers regrettably lack with their employees.

Quest has achieved this rich atmosphere of employer and employee work-life balance because they have ingratiated themselves within their community. They are giving workers a continuation of their home life, rather than slipping on workshoes and going to a miserable 9-5.

Quest Foods never missed a step as the pandemic rolled over everyone, making sacrifices as a company—so much so that it could have bankrupted them and eliminated the company as a whole—to take care of its employees and community.

Because of Quest Food Management Service’s dedication to family and workers, on an equal basis, their efforts were rewarded by those very same families and workers coming together to lift the company and carry it on their shoulders as well.

Quest Food Management Services continues its struggle to look after its team members for future employees, using the available tools to promote and sustain work environments that are safe and healthy for everyone, including prospective team members.

Quest believes in the value that each employee brings to the table and cultivates those values rather than crushing them under the weight of corporate ambivalence.

Final Thoughts

Quest is not so much self-made as it is community-made, through a rich and rewarding relationship within its management team, the team members that work there, the community at large, and all of Quest’s current and future clients.

Because of this, the work-life balance at Quest is exceptional and will continue to be so for as long as Quest Food Management Services facilitates such an environment.

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