Why Konnekt Videophones Are The Best


Konnekt is a state-of-the-art videophone coupled with the capabilities of a modern-day smartphone. It’s a smart 15-inch phone that helps connect users to their beloved via PCs, smartphones, and tablets either via video call or voice call. The phone has a super large 15-inch touchscreen. Designed specifically for the elderly, disabled, and people with hearing loss problems, Konnekt is a simple video phone for elderly that has customizable call buttons, contacts and text size can be customized to meet the user’s specifications. These videophones are either table or wall mounted. Konnekt videophone users can both initiate and receive voice and video calls via Skype. Let’s get discuss more the benefits of opting for Konner Smart Phones.

Simple and Less-demanding

There are no mandatory lessons anyone purchasing this phone must understand. It’s the real definition of simplicity. It does not come with the complex features on ordinary phones like stylus, keyboard or mount.  No logins, programs, or passwords are required for someone to access their contacts and make calls.  Also, the smartphone includes no handset for wearing or picking up. Simply made for the disabled and elderly, the phone has no batteries or remotes. The only thing it has is smartness and simplicity that digs deep into its functionality and design.

No Configuration Required

With this smart device, your loved one won’t need to do any configurations. It comes ready set for use. The phone manufacturer does all the settings and configurations on your behalf.  After buying the phone, all you need is to tell them how you want it to be and they will do everything for you. They will customize the text size, color scheme, contact names, layout, call buttons, language, status message, ringing sounds, and volume. All these will be done to your specifications and preferences so you don’t need to worry at all.


Konnekt is a smart and budget-friendly solution for those who want to put their loved ones under watch without incurring the huge costs involved. It provides your disabled or elderly loved ones an opportunity to connect with their family and friends from all walks of life. Unlike regular phone calls that go up to several hundreds of dollars per month, the Konnekt smartphone is cheaper. Once you get this choice of a smartphone in your home, you will end up reducing your yearly expenditure on phone calls by up to 90%. In other words, you will be spending up to $600 lower as compared to when using ordinary smartphones.

Konnekt is one of the smartest and user-oriented devices to watch in the 21st century. It’s a pioneering and efficient gadget that gets you connected to your loved ones with minimal hassle and at reduced rates. The device incorporates simplicity, design, and flexibility ensuring users don’t need to struggle to use it. The device is as well quite cost-friendly since it aims to cut your phone call costs by up to 60 percent. You can easily order or rent one of these devices today here. You can as well talk with one of our specialists to know more about our products.

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