Why It is Important to Get a Dedicated IP


Every website tends to increase its online presence and to meet its desired goals. Websites go through various techniques and activities in terms of maximizing their online presence and to get maximum ROI for their respective businesses. Along with all other activities, you can also gain benefits from a dedicated IP for your website. Being a website owner, you should opt a dedicated IP for your website so that you can avail maximum benefits from it.

But, how can a dedicated IP help my website? Why is it important to have a dedicated IP? These questions must be having in your mind right now. You can find answers of all of these questions by reading the following content:

A unique series of numbers, an IP is used to identify individual computers having access to the internet. You can build a website on your domain and your domain can be accessed with the help of IP, its unique address on internet. By having a dedicated IP, you can easily visit your website by typing the IP in your browser. Generally, when a web developer develops a website, he develops it on a dedicated IP.

The major benefit of having a dedicated IP is that the IP isn’t blacklisted by any blacklisting company. While, shared IPs are blocked by many blacklisting companies like TrendMicro, Spamhaus, and others. Your emails will also go into spam emails if you are using a shared IP. While, if you get a dedicated IP, your email won’t be taken as spam. It keeps your web pages secure from hackers as well.

Having a dedicated IP is also important for getting a SSL certificate for your website. You need get a SSL certificate for your website to make it more secure and reliable. Why SLL certificate? It is important to save your website from different attacks. If your website is opening with http://, the website will be considered as non-secure. While, the website will open with https// once you have bought a SLL certificate and it will be considered a secure platform for you and for your users as well.

Having a dedicated IP is also important for you to increase the performance of your website. Your long-running applications will get longer process timeouts. The web server will also provide a faster and better service in dealing with huge traffic on the website. When you get a dedicated IP, you also make it sure that you will get you website will not be affected by any means.

Consequently, having a dedicated IP for your domain or website can give you many useful benefits. You can run a more secure and better website by getting a dedicated IP and can also increase your online presence effectively. There are various online platforms which also offer dedicated IPs along with domain and hosting services. Go Daddy, Red Craft Media, Host Gator, and there are many which offer reliable IPs on quite affordable rates. So, buy your dedicated IPs now and achieve your desired goals in your business.

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