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Appear more quickly in the search engine results by taking charge of your communication on the online professional directory. We tell you in this article how to improve its SEO by creating a profile in the professional directories. As the directories, are more visible on the internet then individual web sites. For example when a user search list of companies in USA, ultimately he will found the directories listed companies in the result. Many freelancers often question themselves between the creation of a website or a listing in a professional online directory. Some people wonder about the interest they can have in creating a page in an online directory.

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We will take stock in this article on online professional directories and the interest of creating a profile and animating it to improve its visibility on the Internet.

What is an online business directory?

We all knew before the 2000s, the White Pages or the Yellow Pages. These papers have telephone directories which list USA homes and businesses.

Since the development of the Internet, dozens of professional directories have been created online. These are websites that list different professions, with their company names, telephone numbers, email addresses.

These directories are free or paid, general or specialized depending on the sector of activity. There are, for example, directories for health professionals, professional directories for building tradesmen, and for self-employed people.

Also called 2.0 directories or web directory, a professional online directory is above all a website.

The ultimate online directory remains in Google. Thus, we all have the reflex when we search for people, to type their name or their profession on this search engine.

USA company directory is the professional directory dedicated to the self-employed and companies regardless of their status: freelancer, micro-entrepreneur, SARL / EURL, SAS / SASU … It individually lists the profiles of the hard workers, Micro-enterprise, society, liberal profession, craftsman, etc. Anyone can offer a product or service for which they are competent. Professionals with a legal entity and micro-entrepreneurs can be identified with a “pro” badge.

For the surfer, the interest of online professional directories is to quickly find the right professional. For the pro, the problem is to publicize his activity.

What is online referencing?

You can’t talk about a professional online directory without mentioning SEO, because an online directory is a referencing tool.


Referencing concerns any website. As soon as the site is created, it must be well referenced to appear on the first page of the results. The same is true for a professional online directory.

There are indeed millions of unknown websites. The search engines list different sites according to their themes and their keywords.

Good referencing allows to go up in the search results and be visible by the Internet user who enters a request.

However, it is important to succinctly understand the concept of natural referencing because it is the foundation of any online directory.

Why is it important to be referenced in a professional online directory?

For a professional online directory, good SEO is essential. It is about appearing and being visible on the canvas.

For freelance or small business, good SEO is the solution to the question “how to make you known?” The challenge of publicizing one’s activity is major in order to find new customers.

It is possible to find missions by working on your professional network. However, it is good to have several clients from different sources to guarantee their activity. Especially; since it will be the regularity of the missions that will ensure sustainable income.

How does the USA company directory help to improve its online referencing?

Thanks to USAcompanyDirectory, freelancers and businesses are brought together in a single professional directory. This helps to make everyone’s offer more visible. It is thus easier for the Net surfer to reach the offer of products and services of the local economy without having to search on multiple Internet sites.

Businesses who were often excluded from the web find the USAcompanyDirectory as a professional directory of a communication tool. They can take charge of their communication. First, by creating a profile, then by sharing it on social networks, by messaging and signing an email.

Freelancers have more weight in search engines when communicating together on the same site. They go up in search engines more effectively than when they communicate individually.

They are better referenced and their profiles appear quickly in the search results of Google or Bing.

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