Why Android Phones Are So Hot In The Mobile Market?


The mobile market is growing like anything in recent years. It may be the mobiles that enjoy rocketing sales when compared with other electronic devices. Most of the smartphone hunters love to prefer android phones and is the reason you get numerous brands with the android operating system to select from. It is nothing but the good lineup of user-friendly features that made this phone the hot pick in the market. Here are the amazing features that make the android phone so hot in the mobile market.

Multitasking made so easy

With an android phone, you can enjoy the added benefits of multitasking. Phone users love to engage in multiple activities at the same time. For example, they love to browse the internet at the same time of listening to music. Users can make use of multiple apps at the same time with easy selection of tabs from the home screen. This is one of the best features that make everyone to think about buying the latest android smartphones in the market.

Ease of notification

Phone users make use of several important apps and other facilities for personal and professional needs. They never love to miss any of the important alerts on the phone. The android phone provides the user with real-time notifications on the screen for every new activity in email, messages, apps and other facilities. This helps them to get notice of the activities that need immediate attention. Notifications for the apps and other services can also be customized as per the preference of the users.

Accessibility to free app downloads

Apps provide quick access to your favorite activities. Most of the online services providers have their apps to make the users free from unwanted searches using the website link. The android phone provides easy access to free app downloads through famous app stores like Google play store. At present phone comes with customized apps and the rest can be easily downloaded from the store to make the tasks easy and simple to make the life smarter.

Several brands

Mobile operating systems like iOS and windows are used by one few manufacturers. But android is used by thousands of phone manufacturers around the world. This provides an excellent selection of android phones in different models and features to select from. This helps everyone to select the right phone that perfectly suits the budget and expectations.

Best smartphone in South Africa

Mobile searchers in South Africa has the golden opportunity to buy a smartphone with dynamic features at a surprising rate. Now they have their own brand, Mara Phones to select from. This is the first-ever smartphone manufactured in the country. The phone comes with amazing features like Gorilla glass display, lightning fast octa-core processor, long live battery, Dolby sound system, enhanced security with facial recognition and fingerprint sensor, and more.

Now it is time to think about buying a smartphone made in Africa. There is no doubt that life and job turn smarter with one of the best smartphones.

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