Which brand has the most beautiful lipstick packaging?


In the makeup industry, there are countless competitions. Each brand is trying to outdo the other brands. Among the rest of the brands, there are a few that have their names known all around the world. Even the youngest most amateur makeup lovers know about these brands. One of the reasons they are so famous is because their lipstick quality is one of the best. Other than that, they are well-known because they know how to promote their brand and their products. People adore these few brands and buy their products no matter how high of a price they out on their lipsticks. Just like the actual product, the packaging of these lipsticks is also mind-blowing. Just by looking at the packaging, a person could easily tell that this packaging is of a famous and successful brand or company. A few of these brands that sell their lipsticks most are:

  • Gucci
  • Two-Face
  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • NYX

These are a few makeups and cosmetic brands that are known all around the world for their expensive yet amazing makeup products. People who have tried their products have said nothing but good things about these companies. One of the many reasons their products are so well sold is because they are also well-packaged and presented. These companies do their best to handle all the factors of a successful business and to ensure that the product quality all the way to the secondary packaging of their lipsticks are perfect so people have no complaints about them. Let’s take a look at which company has the best lipstick packaging among these all.

Gucci Lipsticks

Although Gucci is not just a makeup brand, it has spread its wings in this field as well. Gucci was founded by a man named Guccio Gucci. He founded his own brand. They sold clothing articles, bags, shoes, and many other things in this brand. And slowly as the demand for makeup increased, they started selling their own Gucci makeup and cosmetic products. The Gucci lipstick packaging is not outdone. It is a simply designed box with the company name embossed onto it. The Gucci logo, which is also known famously around the world, is embossed onto the packaging so to let the customers distinguish it immediately.

Two-Face Lipsticks

Two-Face is also a makeup brand that’s was founded by two people, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, respectively. This brand also sells a wide number of products including lipsticks. Their lipstick packaging is more on the side of floral patterns. The packaging is not up-to-mark as compared to the Gucci brand but it is good and well-liked by people. With a number of colours and different shades, their packaging also offers a diverse coloured packaging with shades and hues thrown into it accordingly with the lipsticks.

Chanel Lipsticks

Chanel is a brand founded by a woman named Coco Chanel. This brand is loved by people all across the world. Whether it is handbags that you talk about, perfumes, or lipsticks, Chanel outruns every single one of them. Similarly, when it comes to the packaging of Chanel lipsticks, they put all the other competitions behind them. This company sells their lipsticks in the most simple yet elegant looking boxes. Their packaging has a look that you won’t be able to resist. With an elegant matte box, the lipsticks look amazing with their gold colour as compared to the black box. These amazingly designed boxes have the company name embossed onto the box in small letters at the bottom, making it look elegant.

Dior Lipsticks

Dior brand was founded by Christian Dior. This brand sells its lipsticks in good packaging as well. They have different designs and illustrations that they show onto their packaging. A lot of their boxes and lipsticks are also in new shapes and sizes, making them look unique and interesting to the customers. Making them not being able to resist buying these lipsticks.

NYX lipsticks

NYX was founded by Toni Ko. She sells her lipsticks in beautiful looking packaging boxes with the brand name printed onto the boxes. Whether the packaging is made of cardboard boxes or glass/plastic bottles, you will see the name of the brand ‘NYX’ printed on them all.

Creating lipstick packaging

If you want to become famous one day like these brands, you need to come up with their level of packaging design and product quality. You will need to ensure that your cosmetic boxes are not outdone and whatever you are creating is elegant, simple, yet eye-capturing. You can contact companies such as ZEE packaging to get help designing lipstick boxes of your own choice and getting to emboss company logos and names of your own onto them such as you see on Chanel, Gucci, Two-Face, Dior, and NYX lipstick boxes!


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