When to Utilize Expert Testimony in Construction Projects?



Risks and construction issues are an inevitable part of the construction process across the globe. Although technological advancement has resolved a number of issues, and ensure immense ease in the construction process, the market and natural conditions often impact the process. The involved parties face a number of conflicts, which force them to take legal help for resolution.

The involved parties often try to resolve the situation out of courts with the help of experts. However, they still have to take the matter to court in cases they are unable to resolve the situation, or the situation is more severe. In such cases, the expert testimony proves significantly beneficial in presenting the case effectively in front of the legal authorities.

The experts know all the industry standards as well as legal matters. They review the site conditions and present the case of parties in courts. Usually, the parties involved in the construction project hire the services of delay experts and ensure the resolution of the issue. If the resolution is not possible, they ensure to use the expert testimony to win the matter in court.

This article will discuss the matters or issues that require the utilization of expert testimony in the construction process.

Top 5 Issues in Construction that Require Expert Testimony

Resolving all the construction issues on the site is the first priority of the involved parties. However, some issue is more complex than others and cannot be solved out of the legal institutes. On the other hand, the legal authorities cannot waste time in the inspection as it will delay the progress of the project. Therefore, the experts provide their testimony, which holds an important role in the resolution of construction issues.

The following are some of the most important issues in the construction project which require expert testimony.

1.     Unfair Trade Practices

Following the fair trade practices is the first condition of the acceptable construction project. Fairtrade practices mean utilizing verified and authorized practices and resources in the construction process. If any part fails to comply with this condition, resolving the situation out of the court becomes quite tricky and a bit impossible.

The experts provide testimony in the court regarding the unfair trade practices committed by the involved party or parties. They provide evidence to the authorities through their research and inspection.

2.     Standard of Care

Following the standards of care in the construction process and project are also among important legal requirements.  It means that they have to use the safe design, material as well as the construction process. It is necessary to ensure the project does not cause any loss to human life.

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