Best colour protecting formulas for blonde or coloured hair


Colours always look wonderful and give an amazing freshness and relieve to the eyesight whether it is I our dress or hair. The way our dresses look beautiful and eye-catching when they are all colourful and vibrant, similarly, the hair also has its own verities and options of colour and different kinds of shades that can suit every personality.

Therefore, hair colouring has become a popular profession these days with the growing demands of it and people opting for hair colouring more than any other hair processing or treatment. Some hair experts have taken this profession to another level by opting the more technical and advanced method of hair colouring such as highlighting and bleaching which was not even possible a few decades ago.

Today, the more people choose to colour their hair the more it has paved way for many colour conscious solution and hair protecting formulas in the form of various products and colour dyes. Many brands have started looking after this business of hair protecting after colouring or have started providing hair colours and treatments as well. Some of them have even had begun to focus much on the hair colouring and its products than any other hair care products.

This also marked the improvement of various hair protecting and colour protecting products and their demand in the market. Just because hair colouring has become very easy to adopt nowadays, does not mean that the protection of your hair from the chemicals and the hair colour afterwards have also become easy and effortless.

Hair colouring is one of those processes which is very easy and quick while treating but the aftercare and treatment take all your energy and efforts. It is believed that if you wish to see sometimes how much you care for your hair, just try to watch the efforts you put for it after you colour your hair.

Many hairs care brands in the form of shampoos, conditioners, lotions, colour protecting sprays and creams, or serums present their effort to save your recently colour hair either form the harshness of chemical or form your colour to escape from your hair.

You can simply opt for one of those hair colour protecting products for your hair colour to fade soon or right after the processing or you can try some home-based or remedial methods for the same purpose. some of them as under:

If you wish to protect your hair colour form escaping your hair or last longer than usual then do not wash your hair for at least 72 hours as the colouring process tends to open the cuticles of your hair which can be closed by the washing and prevent your hair to absorb the colours completely. further, regular washing can also cause the colour to escape as your normal shampoos come with a hard formulation that cleanses your hair. This method of cleaning your hair can also result in the hair colour to escape from your hair shaft.

Another method to save your hair from fading id to use a good colour protecting product that is designed specially to prevent your hair from escaping and make it last longer. You can opt for any kind of colour protecting product as many of them available in all forms such as shampoos, conditioner, sprays and many more. You can consider Redkencolor extend magnetics conditioner for better effect and make your hair colour lasts longer than usual.

It is also necessary to protect your form other harmful substances such as environmental deposits, saltwater, sun rays, wind and other materials like pollution, chlorine water, thermal damage products and many more. But mostly it is suggested to save your recently coloured hair from hazardous UV rays as it can simply damage your hair and leave it in a brittle and damaged condition with your colour to get brassy or light in almost white shade. UV rays are quite strong in making your hair look damaged and dull and to protect your hair form this, it is recommended to save your hair at the initial stage of colouring for it by covering them with a scarf or hat or just simply do not walk out at all.

To save your hair from other harmful materials or your actions such as using heat styling tool on it, or going in the chlorine water can be easily avoided if you wish to preserve your valuable and loves hair colour for fading. Covering your hair with a scarf or hat will not only protect it against sun rays but also from wind, pollution, and other environmental deposits that will enhance the condition of your hair instead of making it dull and damage.

You can choose one of this formula or method to preserve your hair from damaging or your colour to escape from your hair. Either you opt for one of the above-mentioned tips or can simply go with a good colour protecting product to make your last longer. Whether it is for protecting your hair or your hair colour, it should be done in the right manner.

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