What things to keep in mind before buying bottoms for women?


The question of what completes a wardrobe is a big one. Some say only top-wear completes a wardrobe, but that isn’t fully accurate, especially since equally as important is how one dresses their bottom portion of the body. Fashion lovers know that good bottom wear will never give up on women’s toned figures since body sculpting can only be complimented when a woman is wearing good clothes. They say shaped legs look good when a woman is wearing the right pair of bottoms.

It is difficult enough to pick out the perfect pair of bottoms while shopping, and trying to predict your fit based on a few pictures can feel even more difficult. Just like any other fashion garment for women that we have today, there is a huge variety available in bottoms too, ranging from high waist to ankle length bottoms, etc. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind to buy the right pair of bottoms for yourself:

  • Take your measurements: It is extremely valuable for every girl to know her body measurements. The process takes a very short duration of time, and the numbers will prove invaluable later on. If you don’t have a measuring tape, then use a string or shoelace to measure and clarify the measurements with help of a ruler. In case, you get them wrong, it will directly affect the fitting of your bottoms. Ultimately, the result will be either a tightly fitted bottom or a baggy one.
  • Check the size chart before ordering: A size chart helps shop for denim since sizes often vary by brand. When shopping for bottoms online, checking the size chart becomes extremely useful. Your denim size should be similar to your waist size. Say, for instance, you measured 30 inches around your waist. This means you are a size 30 in jeans. But don’t ignore the hip size on the chart either, since they determine your pants’ fit. Usually, if you click on the description, you can find out what size the model is wearing and how tall she is. This can be helpful information to use when buying a bottom for yourself.
  • Choose the right fabric: Looking for stretchy denim? Look for fabric descriptions that include spandex or elastane. Stretchy fabrics are more likely to fit better when ordering online, so look for fabrics with some amount of spandex or elastane.If you are unsure about the right fabric, order different fabrics and keep the one that you like, and return the rest of them.
  • Decide the style you want: Since there are a lot of bottoms to choose from, be clear with the style you are looking for, for example, if you want a high rise bottom or low waist. Should there be a button & zipper or only an elastic-based waist? Should it be a straight fit or a bell bottom? All such questions should be answered in advance so that no time gets wasted in deciding on the right choice.

According to CHICWISH reviews, bottoms form an important aspect in every woman’s life, therefore choosing the right one is very important. That’s why CHICWISH offers you a wide range of bottoms to choose from.

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