What should you know about the GRE quant?


Does the idea or thought of GRE Quant give you the apprehensions? Do you feel that there is so much to understand and there are plenty of platforms and materials that make you confused and scared?

Remember if you are taking this test then you should know about everything from the formats to GRE quant questions type. In simple words you should know about everything. You know this is the test that starts off with the obligatory AWA section that spans the first sixty minutes. Afterword’s, you are either going to receive a Quant section or a Verbal section to solve.  But remember which one comes first gets decided at random. On the basis of which section comes first, you can find out how many of which section you must expect.

In case your AWA gets followed immediately by a VR section, then it would mean that you see 3 VR sections scattered by 2 QR sections. However, in case you see a QR section following your AWA section, it would mean you required to answer three QR sections and two VR sections. Whichever way it maybe, you are needed to answer one hundred questions (20 questions per section x 5 sections) in one hundred minutes to one hundred sixty-five minutes. It is because one of the five sections are a nameless experimental section that will not be scored. However, as it is a nameless section, it would be good if you go ahead and answer the test as though it actually possesses one hundred questions.

Scoring Pattern for this GRE Quant

Your always remember that your performance on the two scored sections of this GRE math is first of all converted to a raw score. This raw score is grounded on how many questions you answered right and also how many you answered wrong. such a raw score then gets converted to a scaled score that can range from one hundred thirty to one hundred seventy, in single-point increments. So, even if you attain all the Quant questions wrong, you would still get a one hundred thirty. But that would be the equivalent to getting a zero on this GRE quant. In a statistic manner, scoring one hundred sixty-five on GRE math shows the eighty ninth percentile.

It means that in case you get one hundred sixty-five, you have scored as much as or even more than eighty nine percent of all the GRE test takers. In simple words, you are in the top eleven percent of all applicants who took the GRE. Also keep in mind that the highest score one can get in Quant is one hundred seventy and it represents the one hundredth percentile. This is a change of just five points in terms of marks scored, but once it comes to percentiles, the same distance signifies an eleven-point difference.   The only reason it could happen is that a considerable number of people get scores between ne hundred sixty-five and one hundred seventy.


Thus, once you have the basic understanding of things, make sure you prepare your GRE quant questions properly. You can do it and you will.

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