What is CMYK Printing?


The CMYK printing is done using the colors CMYK-Cyan, magenta, yellow and black- and these four colors are mixed in varying proportions to gain the final color that we see in the result. This method of printing is conventional and hence has its benefits and drawbacks. Manufacturer like ZEE Packaging using these methods to print.

  • Mechanism

Light plays a vital role in how the human brain perceives the color information it is being fed with.  Distinguished by the amount of light either absorbed or emitted, we group colors, and hence CMYK colors have the same characteristics, one is reflecting light. The three colors cyan, magenta, and yellow overlap in different ratios to form various shades of colors that can be noticed via a color swatch book that differentiates each shade of color by assigning a name to it.

  • Usage in graphic printing/ designing

Graphic designing software usually gives flexibility in what type of coding to work in. However, the process of printing has been traditionally done with CMYK type more.  The result is achieved as the four main colors are being transferred to the printing plate and the angle and proportion of light hitting and colors mixing generates the prompt required.

  • Importance of CMYK coding in printing/ color accuracy/ high quality

Its significance lies in the fact that the only way to gain true colors (as selected on the screen) is to convert them into CMYK, as the printers widely use this coding. Even if the article is designed using other coding color systems, its ability to be converted into another system is what makes it useful. Since the difference in colors on the result not only results in dissatisfied customers but has the power to completely change initial ideas depicted using colors thus resulting in the decreased sale and tarnished brand identity. This aids in the package being delivered the same it was envisioned to be.

  • Advantages over other methods

CMYK is a commercial printing and hence plays an essential role. It is a cost-efficient method available in the market as it is run by cutting down costs. This is mainly because the CMYK type of color-coding uses properly of subtractive colors rather than additive. This alone makes it efficient and hence be successful in the market. Moreover, due to the easy usage of CMYK printers, they can be used to print on varying media and still achieve the same result. However, this ‘same’ result is only particular when it is being printed with the same machine since different machines and different places tend to give varying results for the same information being fed in.

Since Pantone color mixing (another color mixing method) is costly, hence it can only be used in images that don’t require a range of colors. This means the CMYK method is more suitable for illustrations and multi-colored graphics that have a wide diversity of colors within them.

  • Disadvantages

With numerous advantages, CMYK printing also has its negative aspects that dim its image in the market. This is because there is no standard way of knowing which shade of color is being used, hence it renders difficulties in color identification. For instance, if the same RGB design is to be converted into a file being capable of CMYK printing at two varying places around the globe, it is highly unlikely that they will obtain the same result. Moreover, the same color printed might show varying results either on different pages printed from the same machine or on different portions of the same page. This decreases the reliability of this method of color-coding. This is because this is now a conventional method of printing, and in today’s industry other methods such as Pantone color mixing dominate for small ranges.

  • Difference between RGB and CMYK print

The main difference between these prints is how they’re perceived; RGB is the color-coding system based on absorbing or colors whereas CMYK is for reflective colors. All the digital platforms use the RGB criteria whereas, the printing is mostly done in CMYK due to the availability of its printers. Moreover, the RGB color system is additive and hence costly, whereas CMYK works on the principle of subtraction of colors.

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