Vidmate Old Version Is The Most Hit Amongst All Its Versions


Technology has everything up for you. You name it and you get it. From shopping to entertainment, everything is quite literally on the fingertips. All you need is a device which supports the basic features, a flawless internet connection and the knowledge of how to operate it. You are all sorted with this. There is nothing more than you will need and you can easily, get all your errands and work done. There is nothing to stop.

The golden old days

Watching television which was the only mode of entertainment until some a decade back and people used to be so excited to watch their serials and the programmes that the channels telecast. They used to wind up their work, rush back home and sit for it. The match tournaments was never a thing to be missed, as apart from their television there was no other way to watch it visually and also there were the chances to miss the episode and never get to watch it again. There was no looking back since you could not watch it after the broadcast. But gradually, things have changed and the advent of technology into our lives changed it all.

The modern age

Now there is absolutely no rush to watch the telecast on television. You miss it you can easily watch it on the online video sites which are a database to all. And not just the episodes, maybe even more. All you need is to search for it and play it. The biggest benefit is the fact that you can download it too and save it to your device and watch it repeatedly and on loop anywhere and anytime you want. Vidmate is one such app which helps you download videos from various different video and social sites. There are many which do not allow download, but through vidmate, it can be done. Initially, during its initial days, Vidmate old version had only the basic utility to download the video you want. It was simple, you just had to copy the URL of the video from the address bar and past it into the vidmate URL section. This would enable vidmate to download the video from the address. This was simple and users responded enthusiastically to it.

Exclusive features it houses

It also housed the feature to run online videos online. This was a major attraction of this when there was competition with innumerable contenders in the market. There was provision to not just download but also watch video online through it which had errors playing elsewhere. This was one of the best features that people loved and thereby made vidmate old version a hit. The number of people using it increased and there was a lot more usage of the app for various purposes. Some used it for downloading while some to watch the videos. In the later versions, there was also the update of live tv. One could easily watch their favorite tv shows through in their real running time. Technology surely has contributed immensely and people are appreciating all the efforts.

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