What Kinds of Pasta Sauces Are Prepared with Toscani Pasta?


When you are preparing to make a pasta dish and especially Toscani Pasta then you have to focus on making the right sauce for it. Everything about making the perfect pasta comes down to cooking the right sauce.

Three Important Questions About Pasta Sauces?

First of all, you should know a few points about the sauce that makes it excellent. Although the ingredients matter a lot in making the sauce; but three other questions have to be asked.

How Does the Pasta Sauce Taste?

The traditional and classic pasta sauce is always salty. As in Latin sauce means salted. So whatever pasta type you are making; the sauce should taste salty and not sweet as it is in other countries around the world.

What Main Ingredients Are Used for Preparation?

All pasta sauces have different ingredients like in many portions of meat is the main ingredient. In others, vegetables and some have only cheese in it. When you are preparing the famous Toscani Pasta you have to keep in mind to check for ingredients that are from Tuscany.

How Much the Sauce Is Thick?

It doesn’t matter from which region you are getting the ingredients; the consistency of the sauce should not be like water. It should be thick enough to coat the pasta thoroughly. So the pasta sauce has to be thicker than gravy.

Classification of These Pasta Sauce

Many experts classify pasta sauces according to three categories. The consistency and the ingredients that you can order from stores like Sogno Toscano are also important, but the following classifications are also vital to look at.

Categorized by Color

It will come to you as a surprise that the sauce can be prepared in many colors. This is because of the ingredients you are using. The basic colors that the sauces come in white, green, and red.

Method of Preparing in Different Regions

The region of Tuscany is a large and famous one. The capital is Florence which has a lot of diversity. So the ingredients used for preparing the sauces are also different.

Combination of Variety of Ingredients

For each kind of pasta, the ingredients used to prepare the sauce are different. Meaty and red sauce is the best for spaghetti. But all other kinds of portions of pasta white, red and green sauces can be made.

Sauces Prepared for Toscani Pasta

When you are preparing Toscani Pasta recipes the selection of sauces has to be very careful. Don’t make the mistake of making the wrong kind of sauce with the Toscani Pasta.

Tuscan Pomarola Classic Style

This is the classic pasta sauce that is made in Tuscany that is made from the simples of the ingredients. The main ingredients used in this sauce are basil, olive oil, tomatoes, salt, and garlic.

Red Colored Bolognese Sauce

Although this sauce is used to layer it with lasagna; but because its thickness can be used with other varieties of pasta.

Garum The Fermented Fish Sauce

The fermented fish guts are combined with salt and pepper, oil, wine, and vinegar. This sauce has been using since the times of Roman rule.

The Typical Pesto Sauce

This is a different sauce that is of green color but is also popularly used with a variety of pasta.

The Meat Sauce from Tuscany

This is another sauce for Toscani Pasta from Tuscany that uses meat as the main ingredient. Other ingredients used in this recipe are tomatoes, red wine, olive oil, and sausages.

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