Top Varieties of Kitchen Sinks


A kitchen sink is very much necessary in every household or any commercial restaurants. There are varieties of kitchen sinks available in the market with different capacities and sizes.

One can check the kitchen sink price in the market or online and know the varieties of them that are available before zeroing down into one. Here are some major varieties that are popular when it comes to kitchen sinks:

Under mount

It is a kind of a sink which is attached underneath to the countertop. This actually uses the base structure of the cabinet to get support. They are made keeping in mind the solid surface countertops. These sinks can be installed on a marble or on a composite surface,

Flush Mount

This is a sink type that is made with such a surface that can mix well with the other countertops as well. These sinks mainly come in 2 designs. It can be made with some general colours or it can entail a body which is absolutely different from the rest but it can mix well with the rising surface in the area. Here a grout line needs to be applied in between the sink and the countertop to create a strong bond that keeps the sink consistent.


It is also known as the apron sink which is made with rounded edge and it can match up with what is inside the basin. Here, the sink can be added to the middle of the countertop but sometimes cutting in the middle might be required. It creates a very rustic appearance and so they are well suited in farmhouse kitchens.


They are made in such a way that they can be used as a border which can fit above the main cabinet of the countertop. They can be quickly fixed to the surface which is made with cement with the help of adhesives. The rim is actually there to support the weight of the sink. They give a distinctive look to the kitchen and they are also very easy to clean.


They are typically designed on a larger countertop. There are many manufacturers who make the countertops where the sink has already been installed in the body.

Prep Sink

This is a much smaller type of skin which is made for lighter needs. They can be paired with a small tap and can be used for smaller works like washing vegetables and draining out the meat water when the cooking process is on. They can also be used as a bar sink to clean of the glasses and make some fancy drinks.


This sink has a particular design which fits right in the middle of the kitchen and has a pillar where the necessary plumbing fixtures are installed. They look really decorative when they are installed.

 One can easily buy kitchen sinks online and they should know that the materials that are used to make them are stainless steels, cast irons, fire clay, bamboo and many more.

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