Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Kilim Rugs for Your Home Decor


Handmade rugs come in many designs and finding something that you like can get tricky. If you don’t like the thick carpet type rugs, then you should try something lighter such as Kilim rugs.

These are lightweight, handwoven, and the perfect pick when it comes to finding a durable area rug. Here are Kilim rugs for sale you can buy for home decor. Plus, if you buy a Kilim rug, you won’t have to stress too much about its cleaning and maintenance because they’re flatweave!

Unless you’re a rug enthusiast, chances are you’ve never heard about Kilim rugs before. These rugs are older than many oriental rugs and come in many unique designs. If you have a choice between thick oriental carpets and rugs, then you may be wondering; “why should I buy Kilim rugs?”. Apart from the fact that they are handmade and have some of the most unique patterns, there are many other reasons why you should get these rugs for your home.

5 reasons why you should buy Kilim rugs for your home decor:

1. They Make the Perfect Area Rug

Area rugs are often the best alternate to room carpets. They are smaller than whole-room carpets and may be used to cover smaller spaces. You can use them in areas where there is no furniture to fill the space. Area rugs bring warmth into any living space and can prevent the floor from getting damaged.

If you’ve been to a room with wooden floors, you’ll know how frustrating it is to hear the sound of shoes trampling over the floor! Area rugs like Kilim rugs, Persian Rugs can bring peace and quiet into your home and you won’t have to deal with loud trampling sounds. For people who have kids in the house, having area rugs can make a world of difference in the noise that you’ll have to deal with.

Unlike full-floor carpets, area rugs are smaller and fit in perfectly with different furniture designs. You can buy them rugs in many different shapes styles, so you’ll find something that fits your room.

2. They are Lightweight and Easy to Move Around

While most people like carpets, they are too heavy to move around. Traditional carpets are often installed by professionals and you won’t be able to change your setting on your own. If you are someone who likes experimenting with different settings, then you’ll prefer a carpet that can be moved around easily.

These rugs are often the best choice in this case as they are lighter than traditional handcrafted rugs. They are made through a flat weaving technique, which is why it does not have as much pile as other handmade rugs. Instead of dyeing the rug after it is woven, Kilim rug weavers use different colored yarn to create patterns and designs. This allows you to wash the rug without worrying about faded colors. If you are looking for a lightweight rug that can be moved around easily, then you should buy Kilim rugs.

3. They are Easy to Clean

Everyone likes a clean and neat home. Unfortunately, many thicker rugs are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, not to mention irritating dust mites! Carpets are not always easy to clean, even if you are using a wet vacuuming process.

The best thing about having Kilim Rug is that it is easy to clean. You can even move the rug around to get the dust off or sweep it with a brush.

With a Kilim Rug your home will not only look clean; it will actually be free from much of the common dirt that hides in traditional rugs. They also do not shed thanks to the flat design and lack of piles. For pet owners, this can be a relief as you are probably tired of brushing your pet’s hairs off the carpet.

For most people, this may be the primary reason why they choose to buy these amazing rugs.

4. Kilim Rugs are Durable

If you have chosen to buy handmade Kilim rugs, it’s probably because of the reputation that handmade rugs have with regards to durability. While many well-known rugs, such as Persian rugs, are known to last more than 100 years, flat rugs often have a lower life expectancy.

What makes these rugs truly special is that they are made from high quality wool. Weaving these rugs by hand takes time and effort, which results in a highly durable rug that can last for decades.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll use a Persian rug in a place that gets high foot traffic, Kilim rugs are made for just that. When it comes to practical use, handmade Kilim rugs are the best choice.

5. Handmade Kilim Rugs can be Used to Create Unique Patterns

When it comes to having the perfect home décor, color matters more than anything. Many modern designs involve combining a few different colors to achieve the ideal look. This is why Kilim rugs stand out from traditional rugs.

Because of their lightweight factor and smaller sizes, you can use multiple rugs in a single setting. You can even use these rugs in layers, depending on which room you are using it in. If you are installing these rugs in the living room, then you should consider using two layers to create a soft feel. Handmade Kilim rugs are generally more affordable than other handmade rugs, like Persian or Tribal rugs. The unique colors are made from simple patterns using traditional weaving styles that go back before the Middle Ages.

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