Top Dishes Made Out of Pulses by The Best Caterers


The list of best caterers is incomplete without some important names. Especially, when it is about the best caterers in town. The city itself is known for its magnificent food menus and street foods as such. Ranking second in the list for Food capital of India, the list of best caterers in Kolkata. With their magnificent menus and dishes, that too with Pulses, lentils and legumes.

Lentil Recipes Popular in Catering

Lentils and pulses are not just meant for household lunch and dinner. These are vastly served at Weddings, and via a wide variety of dishes on the plate. The ones on the list of best caterers prefer serving this delicacy over lunch with steamed, as well as to play the most out of it in different manners of food; at a dinner table too.

Dal Makhani

The delightful combination of cream and cooked lentils of the same type. The lentil has two types like urad and rajma. Cooked together, firmly with chopped onions and ginger-garlic paste. The entire dish is well cooked with spices and butter.

The ones in the list of best caterers, keep the recipe old school and prepare it with good old butter and top it on with soft, salted butter. Whereas the in some parts it is to cook this with sunflower oil, and top that on with fresh cream and not curd or yoghurt.  Which makes it taste even better and exquisite.

Sona Moong Dal with Macher Matha

This is the most mundane form of dal being served the ones in the list of best caterers. Both as a vegetarian dish without the fish, as well as a non-veg delight with the fish bones. Preferably serving this with hot steamed rice as lunch delicacy, alongside “jhuri jhuri Alu Bhaja” too; which is a kind of shredded potato crips. The combination of yellow sona moong dal, with the concoction of fish pieces.

Cholar Dal

Broken chickpeas with the mixture of turmeric, and whole spices. This is a perfect Bengali dish added by the side of luchi or puri, one of the most popular Indian loaves of bread. The ones in the list of best caterers follow the old recipe of ancient Bengali households. They serve it with coconut being cut into really small pieces. The coconut sweetens up the dish really well.

Whereas in some places it is served typically with just shredded coconut pulp, this is intentionally done for keeping the taste of the dish original and untouched without the hindrance of coconut into the beautiful taste of Bengal gram. Authenticity is the key in this particular recipe.

Keema Rajma

Rajma is one of the popular pulses in North India, but combining it with meat granules makes it a perfect delicacy for Bengalis. Keema can be of many types, but most preferably either chicken or mutton.

The ones in the list of best caterers prefer going with the old recipe of mutton keema, whereas at some parts it is kept for the vegetarian people. There, it is combined well with soybean granule chunks, that is again assorted with onions and garlic.

Chana Masala

The ones in the list of best caterers prefer having this dish wrapped up in the most traditional style of cooking. Baked chickpeas with a wonderful masala of onion, garlic and coriander. Yes, coriander seeds for dish construction, the powder for taste and also the freshly chopped coriander leaves as a garnish.

Moong Dal ka Laddu

Moong dal is roasted with ghee and cooled on a pot. The lentil is then ground well in a food processor, and then it is mixed well with powdered sugar on gas. After that, it is well blended and made into small balls with the help of ghee, or clarified butter.

The ones in the list of best caterers, serve this delicacy on occasions with the light crowd, whereas at some places it is served on occasions of light Haldi brunch, or Sangeet snacks too. An amazing sweet dish, that can easily slip into any occasion.

The ones in the list of best caterers serve lentil as a means of delicacy specially designated for vegetarians. But the Kolkata Caterers devised this piece of love into a different genre of food. They serve it as a non-vegetarian dish, as well as a dessert.

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