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Mobile phones are essential gadgets in our day to day life. They make our tasks much easier than before. It has completely changed our lifestyle such as book flights in seconds, purchase items online, chat with your friends, communicate with friends and family, and many more.

The advanced features of technology have really made our lifestyle easy and simple. The features that a mobile brand offers really hold our attention for a while. You can also buy the best mobile under 10000.

There are several brands available offline as well as on the online stores and you can choose your desired ones. It is very difficult for some of you to choose which brand has good features because to an extent every brand offers the same features.

How Smartphones Have benefited the Society?
Smartphones have come to mankind’s life like a boon. Today, we cannot think about anything without a smartphone. Our day starts with smartphones and ends with it as well. Smartphones have become a daily necessity for us.

It has not only changed us, but it has left a noticeable mark on society. Today, smartphones hold a great influence on society. Let’s look at how.

  • Impact on the business

Today, most of the business has become smartphone oriented. With more than 4 billion smartphone users in the world, businesses have found a platform to sell their products and services.

  • Impact on the education

Smartphones have become the most used device to surf the internet. This facility of smartphones has helped the student to look for information online.

There are even companies that provide academic solutions online. You will even find applications like BYJU’S that help the student with their studies.

  • Impact on the health

Smartphones are a mini size database that holds any information that could come in handy in times of need. For instance, in a survey, it was found that more than 10 million of the American use smartphones to look around medical facilities in time of need.

Today, there are more than a hundred trustable healthcare applications that provide information healthcare institutions around you. It even compares them with the other institution.

  • Impact on the psychology

Today, the smartphones are used mostly to get away from the daily hustle of life. People use smartphones to chat with their friends, exchange images, and jokes to make themselves stress free. Some people use their smartphones to go through daily news headlines to keep themselves updated with what is happening around.

Top 5 Mobile Brands in India

India is a price-sensitive market because there is a high search volume on best mobiles under 15000 in India, and to buy the best mobile phones, first, you need to consider your budget because it plays a crucial role in deciding which mobile brand that you must buy in 2020.

However, before choosing any mobile phone, consider the features that each brand is offering and then decide which one to buy,

  • Oppo F11 Pro:

Oppo F11 Pro comes under the top mobile phone category in India. It has a robust battery that supports flash charging with the MTK P70 processor.

Oppo F11 Pro has a 16 MP pop up selfie camera setup. It has a 4000 mAh battery, rear camera 48 MP + 5 MP, Processor MTK P70, display 6.5 inches. It is one of the top brands in India.

  • Samsung Galaxy A50:

Samsung Galaxy A50 has super-fast charging that consists of a three rear camera setup and its amazing camera quality is going to hold your attention for a while.

It has an ultra-wide lens with 123o and detailed photographs. These excellent features of Samsung Galaxy are really going to impress you. It has a battery of 4000 mAh, 25 MP front camera, rear camera 25 MP + 5MP + 8 MP, and the display is 6.3 inches.

  • Apple iPhone 7:

Apple iPhone 7 is another mobile brand that has numerous features that will make your daily task much easier. The design is excellent.

The selfies that this phone captures are really amazing, the battery is 1960 mAh, front camera 7 MP, rear camera 12 MP, Processor is 2.4 GHz quad-core, the display is 4.70 inches. 

  • Xiaomi Redmi 6: 

Xiaomi Redmi 6 is regarded as the top-selling mobile phone in India. It has several features such as fingerprint scanner, face unlocking system, and many more to grab your attention.

This mobile phone comes under a budget with 3000 mAh battery, 5 MP front camera, the rear camera is 12 MP + 5 MP, Octa-core processor Helio P22, 5.45 inches, and many more.

  • Realme 3 Pro:

Realme 3 Pro is another popular mobile phone in India. It has a dual rear camera setup and excellent camera quality that is going to the top priority of this mobile phone.

This mobile phone is also regarded as the best-selling mobile phone in India. It has a flash charging and charges your mobile phone within an hour. It has a 4045 mAh battery, 25 MP front camera, rear camera 16 MP + 5 MP, 710 AIE processor, 6.3 inches display.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! I have tried my best to keep all the dishes on a single plate. Therefore, the above-mentioned are the top mobile brands in India.

First, consider the above features and then you can choose to buy the best mobile phone according to your need. 

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