Tips to keep in mind while choosing an Indian restaurant


Indian cuisines are one of the most popular cuisines around the world. Today because of its popularity one can find Indian restaurants in every other country selling almost all the authentic Indian cuisines. The diversity in Indian cuisine is one of the major reasons for its popularity. The food changes in India as one move from one region to another, along with the taste and use of ingredients. It is very true that when the same Indian dish is cooked by two different restaurants it will taste differently because of the change in the person who cooks it. This removes the monotonous factor from the Indian dishes. The rich use of spices also plays a major role in making Indian cuisine special. This rich taste has attracted many Westerners to Indian food.

Certain points to keep in mind if one is thinking of how to find an Indian restaurant near me Somerville while choosing an Indian restaurant are:

Finding the restaurant

A foodie can look for Indian restaurants using search engines and various other applications. The restaurant can be judged on the basis of its food quality, customer service, ratings, menus, timing, and discounts. A good Indian restaurant should have a variety of Indian dishes to choose from after the Indian menu is one of the most highly varied and exhaustive menus in the world.


Today one can find several types of Indian restaurant and each and every one of them tends to serve a certain kind of Indian food. Starting from the budget to the speciality of the Indian cuisine Somerville restaurant, there is a large variety to choose from and one should take their time to find the right one. one can also focus on the food variety, because there is a large variety in Indian food as well like Punjabi, Gujarati, south Indian, north Indian, etc.

Decide the food

One can look for vegetarian or non-vegetarian according to one’s liking. Indian food has both types of speciality and they all are delicious to start with. One can always ask the restaurant or get a reference from others regarding what type of food is served best in what restaurant. Also, decide how big one wants their meals to be. One can go for thali restaurants or full course restaurants depending on the restaurant and ones liking.


If one is planning to have an Indian lunch or dinner, it is better to go for the entire meal course because then one can enjoy the food the most. Go for delicious appetizers which are usually fried or roasted and is served with chutneys and salad. Then one can move ahead to the main course which will usually comprise of flatbreads, gravy with vegetables or any meat, lentils, rice, etc. one can find a huge variety in the main course. And lastly lookout for dessert in which one can enjoy kulfi, gulab jamun, halwa, etc.

Customer service

Lastly, while choosing an Indian restaurant looking for a place who have good customer service. They should have a good ambience, seating place, friendly waiters, etc. the place should have staff who can clear all the doubts of their customers by helping them choose the best from the menu.

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