Things to keep in mind while tracking your OOCL container


Exporters do not have any lack of options when it comes to booking a container. There are so many internationally successful companies offering shipping containers that we all get plenty of options. But if your inclination is towards OOCL of all the available options, you must know the benefits it offers. OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line) has a strong market presence, and it is known for serving the best to all its customers. One of its many benefits is the OOCL container tracking service that it offers. You can get detailed information of your cargo’s location as long as it is en route to the port of delivery. But how effective is it? And how can you track your OOCL container?

If you want to track your cargo booked in an OOCL container, whether it be LCL/FCL, you have two options. The first is to follow the website of the company and use its tracking portal to get all the details. The second option is to use a third-party website to get all kinds of onboard cargo information. Whatever be your alternative, you must be careful during the OOCL container tracking process. If you want to be accurate with the outcome, here are a few things to keep in mind before making a statement to your importers.

Container tracking systems have made the trading business more channelised and functional.

Factors To Consider Before Using OOCL Container Tracking

Before you start using the OOCL container tracking service, here are a few factors that must be under your consideration.

●     Reliability of The Platform

If you choose the official OOCL website, you are good to go! But if you are using any other website, check the reliability of the platform. Verify the service reviews and ratings. For best results, use a leading service provider’s website.

●     Internet Connectivity

The speed of the internet connection in the system you use for OOCL container tracking must be high. It takes high-speed internet to get a live feed of any cargo.

●     Tracking Details

You must be careful with the tracking details you are entering. Since there is no wrong and right verification filter on tracking portals, you might end up following the details of another bill number. Always be careful with these small details.

●     Time Zone Difference

Although the tracking portals specify the time details appropriately, you must understand the time zone difference while noting down the information. Doing so will help you deliver accurate information to your buyers.

OOCL Container Tracking: Choose A Reliable Platform

You can utilise the OOCL container tracking system through two different portals. Yes, a few leading shipping companies offer a neutral platform wherein you can track containers of all shipping lines. Here is what you need to do to take the privilege.

Use OOCL’s Official Website

  • Go to the official website of OOCL services.
  • Click on the “e-services” tab under the Services drop-down list.
  • The page will refresh, and a new page will open. Scroll down to find a “cargo tracking” tab on the right side. It is just below the “My OOCL Reefer” tab.
  • The container tracking portal will open. You will find two fill-in boxes on that page.
  • The first box will have a drop-down arrow setting wherein you can choose the details you want to use to track your cargo. You can either choose C/L, Booking, or Container.
  • In the next box, Enter the bill number of your cargo, the one you wish to track down using OOCL container tracking. The details will appear on the screen.

Use a Third Party Website

The third-party website has to be a leading shipping service provider. You must verify the background of the company you choose before trusting the derived information. Here is all you need to do to track your cargo from a different portal.

  • Visit the official website of the service provider you have chosen. For instance, if you pick Cogoport as an option, go to its home portal.
  • Select the container tracking option from the services tab.
  • Enter the required details, like your company’s email address, container booking number, bill details and so on.
  • Click the track tab to get the live feed of your cargo.
  • The Final Say: Use The Service Wisely

Your export business will flourish on the quality of your services and word of mouth. With the help of the OOCL container tracking facility, you can communicate well with the importers and create a positive impact. Therefore, make sure you use the fastest and most secure portal to check your cargo status, especially if you pass the information to your buyers.

The purpose of container tracking facilities is to bring transparency and assurance to shipping lines. As an exporter, you not only get the security of service but also enjoy the advantage of reaching out to your importers. So, use this benefit wisely, keeping all these things in mind!



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