These Are the Most Important Gun Safety Rules


According to the latest information from Gallup, almost one out of three American adults say they own a gun.

Whether you’re keeping a gun for personal safety, hunting, or a personal collection, it’s important to remember that guns are instruments capable of causing extreme harm.

That’s why it’s so important that all gun owners follow basic gun safety rules. Whether you’re new to gun ownership or want to brush up on the rules, keep reading to learn how to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your guns safe.

Take a Safety Course

Only two states, California and Washington, require prospective gun owners to take a firearms safety course before purchasing a gun. Since there’s no federal mandate on gun safety courses, many would-be buyers skip the course altogether, with reports showing that only 61% of gun owners have completed a safety course.

A lack of requirement shouldn’t stop you from taking a safety class, though. Courses only take a few hours to complete and can teach valuable skills like accident prevention, cleaning protocols, and theft deterrent.

You’ll also learn valuable tools regarding suicide prevention and mental health. Since studies show that 61% of gun-related deaths are directly linked to suicide, these tips are more important than you know.

Treat All Guns as Though They’re Loaded

If you take nothing else from this article, let it be this: Proper gun safety means acting as though any firearm is loaded and ready to shoot.

That means keeping your finger off of the trigger and ensuring that the safety is on at all times unless you’re using the gun as intended.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but accidents happen all the time and can lead to mistakes that can’t be undone. A simple Google search brings up dozens of news stories where people accidentally injured someone else — or themselves — because they assumed a gun was unloaded or the safety was locked.

Use Proper Storage

It’s not enough to treat each gun as though it’s loaded. Nor is it sufficient to simply know about gun safety.

All guns should stay locked in a safe, secure location. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to literally keep your guns in a safe. Or at least, a case.

That goes for any accessories you may have, too, like bipods, magazines, scopes, or grips. Most manufacturers make cases with plenty of room for storage and accessories. Plus, storage keeps your guns and accessories in the best possible shape.

Should you opt for a gun safe, we suggest choosing a combination that only you and another adult in your household know. Make sure to keep your gun safe or locked case in a secure area, such as the back of a closet, where children won’t be able to find it.

The Gun Safety Rules Every Gun Owner Needs to Know

Gun safety is something that every firearms owner needs to take seriously, so hold onto these tips whether you’re at the gun shop, shooting range, or you’re just cleaning your gun at home.

You can take active measures to make the world safer, but it means following these gun safety rules.

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